Memo To Heaven

Subject: Me

Date 10.27.2003

So, Big G:

Man! Whatta life huh? Think I can score some bliss or do I gotta spend some time out in the cosmos (purgatory) or what?

As you know (huh!:D), I was raised a Catholic, but then I got divorced. So, as you know, I got me some issues with that.

But here’s the thing: I found me a thing called “The Golden Rule”. It can be translated into just about every known language that can be understood by modern man, and I’m gonna use that as my church and her philosophy.

Any disagreement, you let me know, ja? :smiley:

Love Ya’


“I believe a man should be beholding to his neighbour without the reward of heaven or the fear of eternal hellfire.”

It works for me!

That’s worked for me for a long time Quasi. Peace, Bro.