Memorable goons/henchmen

…ohhhh so close.
I’m not sure if this counts—
In the otherwise horrible “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” the main bad guy has captured our hero the Mariachi. He gives two henchmen permission to torture the hero. Once he leaves, one hench turns to the other and says something like “I was tortured once, I didn’t like it.” And they leave the Mariachi alone.

Pat Roach wasn’t the swordsman in Raiders (that was Terry Richards), but he did play two roles in the film. One was the big guy at the flying wing, and the other was a sherpa in the bar in Nepal.

My very first thought when seeing the topic was Bob the Goon in Batman, but that doesn’t meet the criteria of the OP.

I loved the heck out of G.I.Joe when I was a kid – the comics and the toys more so than the cartoon, but you have to hand it to those Cobra soldiers. Cobra Commander had an endless supply of them and they all couldn’t hit crap with their rifles and bailed out of their tanks and helicopters at the first sign of trouble.

How about all those ninja who attack Chuck Norris one at a time in the Octagon?

In Austin Powers, when AP is in the bathroom stall being attacked through a trapdoor above him and he’s yelling “WHO DOES NUMBER 2 WORK FOR!?!?” That guy.

Clint Eastwood in Fistful and the sequels. Maybe not a goon or henchman, but he was unnamed.

But he had a name, it was Patty O’Brien

nm - this guy had a lot of dialogue.

I don’t know how that one got started, but he had a name in all three. He was Joe in A Fistful of Dollars, Monco in For a Few Dollars More, and Blondie in The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

How about the Yo-Yo Thug from Octopussy?

Ken Lo as the handsome goon in the suit in Jackie Chan’s Drunken Master II. You know, the guy from the foundry scene. The one with the kicking.

Nope; had no idea.

Yeah, according to WotNot I was wrong about that…

In that very scene, Lord Farquaad calls him by his name, Thelonius.

Which of the three is his real name?

He was called Joseph Monco, of course. Blondie was just a nickname.

I don’t know if any of the goons played by Lon Chaney Jr. had names, but they were definitely memorable.