Memory double-checker

Is there a way to look in your BIOS and see what the maximum amount ram per slot can be added to the system board without looking elsewhere?

Most likely, no. And if your BIOS could tell you that, there’s a chance you can upgrade the BIOS Firmware and increase that amount. Check your motherboard manufacturer’s website.

I did find a website recently that listed a quite comprehensive range of motherboards, giving details such as bus speed, maxiumum RAM, number of slots etc - and it was searchable by name or BIOS string ID (the long line of text you might see when the computer boots).

Unfortunately, I can’t find the link to this site now. I can’t believe I didn’t bookmark it.

Most modern motherboards take up to 1gig/ram per slot for a total of 3 gigs.

Still can’t find the website I mentioned, but it may be that SiSoft Sandra will help - I think the shareware version includes the modules you need to identify and report on the MoBo.

…or 2 gigs, or sometimes 4 gigs. Generalizing about “most modern motherboards” is a stretch. The best way to be sure how much RAM your motherboard can handle is to find its model number and look up its technical specification sheet online. Many manufacturers publish these as PDFs which are widely distributed.