men! advance the cause of science!

I hope this isn’t considered in poor taste, since it requires an outside link…

But anyway,

I am doing a grad-school research study on sexual preferences among straight and bisexual men. If you’re a straight or bisexual male (in other words, if you’re at all attracted to women), I’d really appreciate it if you would take this short survey. It should not take you any longer than fifteen minutes. Thank you so much, and I will be sure to post the results!


I got to thinking some of those women were actually dudes tho’.

I’m probably just being paranoid.

Thanks for doing the survey! While I can’t say that I performed “equipment checks,” to the best of my knowledge, all the women really were women. I -do- have to admit that we included one that we thought looked like a guy, just for shits and giggles. :wink:

Thanks again!

The *one * you thought looked like a guy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, one of them looked like Julia Stiles with red hair, and another looked like a friend of mine.

That was fun! You get extra credit for including Sydney Moon, one of my secret porn crushes.

Okay, this is good to go, we’ve reopened this and replaced it in the queue.

Dopers may participate in this if they wish, their choice.

Please remember that for studies of this kind – or any kind, really – advance permission is always the way to go.

A little late, the survey has been taken down.

I’ve written the OP, perhaps she can restart it. I hope so.

I was all set to help, but oh well. It’s not like science has done anything for me lately.