Men - Baldness: Yes! Facial hair: Yes! Foreskins: Yes!

I thought of this talking about Howie Mandel - just the bald part, the rest just popped out while I was writing.

It is so great to see modern men simply embracing their baldness (for the most part), rather than trying to hide it with combovers or even just cling to whatever sad bit of hair they have remaining, and instead just shaving the fringe and embracing the previously unusual Yul Brynner aesthetic.

More often than not, this is WAY better than pretty much any alternative, guys. It looks better, it lets the world (and women) know that you are confident in your appeal, and it just rocks.

So I thought I’d give you all a salute, and let you know it’s working, we like it, and keep it up!

And I am in the minority opinion that facial hair is wonderful, by the way, and works very well on men who have no hair on top. But I know that most women disagree. Why, I don’t understand, since I find even freshly shaved faces very unpleasant to kiss - give me nice natural hair over stubble every time. Ow!

Plus, unless a guy has a particularly pretty mouth or handsome jaw… it’s an improvement most of the time. Really. It is. I know other women disagree, but they’re just wrong.

And as long as I’m telling you all my Man Stuff Opinions: foreskins are a very, very, good thing. If you were deprived of yours, I want you to know you were robbed. Don’t rob your kid just so he’ll look like you. Instead, teach him excellent hygiene and take pride and comfort in knowing that your son will have a better sex life than you.

Thanks for the encouragement. I decided long ago to never be a Combover Charlie. Beards? I can go one way or the other, though I think I’ll wait until my beard matches my hair colour again before I regrow it. Can’t do anything about the other thing though. :frowning:

And is driveway sealant the landscaping equivalent of the combover?

What about those of us with full heads of hair who elect to shave our heads for other reasons? (Mine being that I loathe gray hair and I don’t like male dye jobs.)

Darn, I only meet 1 of the three. But I’m not going to waste the luxurious head of hair by cutting it off.

I always thought not shaving it shows your confidence better. Shaving your hair is the easy way out–everybody knows that’s in style, and it’s hiding the baldness just as much as a combover is–just in the opposite direction. Not shaving, but keeping and proudly displaying my short “horseshoe” hair shows everyone I’m perfectly happy with my hair as it is. This hairstyle is not fashionable, so far as I can tell. I’m confident enough that I don’t need to compensate for my lack of hair up front.

3 for 3… I’m such a catch. :smiley:
Btw, I’m also hung like a donkey.

[spoiler]…a small donkey…

…that’s hung like an average man.[/spoiler]

Oh I forgot #4 that kinda brings all three together: shaving your crotch: NO!!! STOP THAT!!! YOU LOOK RIDICULOUS!!! And if you have even the slightest bit of bodyfat, let me tell you what it looks like: a vulva with a penis sticking out of it. (Which is kinda what it is, really, but it doesn’t LOOK like that when there’s hair on it!)

Now, I grant that the actual act of the shave and the day or two following are sensually pleasing… but as a habitual thing? No. NO NO NO NO NO. No. NOOOOOOOOO.

I support your confidence… while declining to join in your appreciation.

I agree on 2 out of 3. I don’t like facial hair. At all. I think it makes men look like they’re hiding something. Give me a clean-shaven face every time, thanks.

I’m all for hot baldies, but I’m not sure Howie Mandel is a prime example. He looks like the love child of Criss Angel and a porn producer.