Men/boys behaving stupidly with very powerful hot sauces

2 million scoville pepper sauce drinker 1

2 million scoville pepper sauce drinker 2

The 10 Habanero pepper eater

That is like, totally awesome and something I can see myself trying to talk my friends into doing.

The fact that “Blair” (as in “Witch Project”) comes up on these as ‘related tags’ pings my BS meter.

We have the motto for the day!

Might refer to Blair’s Death Sauces, a reliable purveyor of all things mucous-membrane-scarring.

There’s also this particular brand of televised stupidity.

You are probably right. I remain skeptical, it’s the internet after all, but your point is well taken.

That’s kind of a long stretch. “Blair” as a name is only on one of them and has no context for the Blair Witch project. Plus they seem quite real. The boys would have to be quite talented to vomit at will.

He does seem to have the stupidest friends in the world however.

bacon grease challenge

There’s a kid at my church who prides himself on eating the hottest sauces whenever possible, especially when there’s an audience. I, for one, find it ridiculous, enduring excruciating pain to show off how big your dick is. It’s like a 19-year-old’s version of schoolyard posturing.

Heh. My brother was like that, he though he could eat anything hot. So I bought him one of the medium Blair’s sauces for xmas one year, something like 250k scovilles. I warned him that this was hotter than anything he’d had before. He totally blew me off, ‘I won’t have a problem, we put hot sauce on crackers and eat em.’ I just smiled and let him go.

I few weeks later, he calls me and says ‘What the hell did you buy me? You nearly killed us.’ He works as a mechanic in an dealership, and brought the sauce to work with him one day. All the guys laughed and put the sauce on crackers like the always do, and downed em. Several seconds later, all of them rushed to the bathroom, and stuck thier heads under the big semicircular sink trying to drink water. I wish I could have been there. Last I heard, they were eating small amounts of it, trying to build up a tolerance.

Why the hell is it that something that more than two drops “can kill you” can be marketed as food?

Knowing that Dave’s Insanity Sauce is around 200,000, these kids *drinking * the sauce makes me think they were the butt of a joke, and that they hadn’t tried the sauce before they did this. I’ve got a very strong tolerance to hot peppers, and I’ve had 800,000 sauces (see below). These are so hot that if you dip a toothpick in the container, wipe off most of the excess, and then rub it on a cracker… maybe four or five dots, almost nothing, your entire face will burn for half an hour. Ridiculously hot.

As the wiki article below explains, it’s mostly a publicity/bragging rights thing for, IMHO, anything above about 250,000.
From’s_Gourmet :

Pure capsaicin extract? What’s the difference between that and the little canister folks buy to spray on a mugger?

If those fools survive the experience, they might learn that some damnfool things hurt like hell, and they don’t make you look cool. Yeah, maybe. Or they might think they can survive anything, and they need have no fear.

Those guys didn’t seem to be quick learners.

The container. Although some pepper sprays are actually synthetic

Bet they won’t do it again, though!

I’ve always wondered at how accurate the Scoville claims are. The first sauce shown, Wanza’s Wicked, is rated at 2 million, but, to me and my cousin at any rate, does not taste as hot as Blair’s Sudden Death, at 1/2 million Scoville. Last time I had a pulled pork barbecue, my cousin poured about 1 - 2 teapsoons of Wanza’s on his sandwich and ate it with only minor visible discomfort. The Blair’s, however, was a different story.

At any rate, those capsaicin extract sauces have a weird, chemically burn taste to them that I don’t like. I’d rather stick with habanero-based sauces (El Yucateco, Blair’s After Death, etc) which actually have a nice flavor to go with the intense heat.

Sure they will. All it will take is a pretty girl asking them to, or hinting that she finds such “powerful fire-eating men” attractive. :smiley:

El Yucateo should be called El Yumateo, it has a great flavor, and I use it whenever I can.Never had Blairs.Is it similar in taste?

While I can eat hot sauces that make other people run for the bathroom ,I am always very careful and try new sauces cautiously,in case they are like the near deadly ones mentioned upthread.

Habeneros are a very,very,good flavour and if ya can handle the hot,I highly recommend them just for the taste, to hell with the hot,I wish they were not hot,they are yummy.

I have had some very hot sauces that taste like death,I ain’t in it for the hot,I like really enjoy the taste of some of them.

No, the Blair’s is different. I had a sampler pack, and the one I liked the best was Blair’s After Death Chipotle. It’s a mix of habanero and chipotle. It also has some capsaicin extract, but it’s not as obnoxiously obvious as in other sauces. Blair’s Death is also pretty good, without the pepper extract. (That was the one I was thinking of in my post above, not the Sudden Death).

Have you ever had the El Yucateco Kutbil-Ik. It has a nice immediate burn that goes away pretty quickly (if you’re used to habaneros). It’s a notch hotter than the El Yucateco Red or Green.

I don’t really care for Chipolte all that much, but I will try the After Death.

I have not had Kutbil-Ik, but will go try to find some tomorrrow.IMO,Yumateo brand is the best brand out there.

I’m a little burnt out on chipotle, but that one’s not bad.

However, I just learned of Blair’s Pure Death which contains no extract, just habanero, naga jolokia (the current record holder for world’s hottest chile), vinegar, and Hawaiian red salt. Sounds like a winner to me. The reviews I’ve seen are very positive, and, again, no chemically extract.

According to my horticulture teacher from high school, water won’t help-you’re supposed to drink milk-somehow that neutralizes it or something like that.
A guy I work with convinced a drunk friend to chug a jar of salsa, telling him it was a beer. (I don’t know how hot it was.) Cruel and immature, but oh how I laughed.