Men caught stealing ivy from Wrigley field

This bit of newswas passed on to me by my SIL, a devout Cubs fan from the suburbs of Chicago. She was quite annoyed at some out of town miscreants “desecrating” Wrigley field in this way. She had a few other very unladylike comments for these gentlemen, and I sensed from her other comments that I too should be outraged as well. Since my first thought was some baseball metaphor that poked fun at the Cubs, and which would almost certainly cost me a seat at the Christmas dinner, I thought I might solicit some input from other similarly outraged Cub fans. This would keep me and my brother in good standing with her and her friends. :smiley:
PS… Go Giants.

It’s actually a good thing for Cubs fans. Now they have something to blame for not winning the pennant this year. By my calculations the Cubs are now mathematically eliminated until 2018 minimum.

P.S. Guess what the ‘STL’ in my user name is all about.

What, like ivy won’t grow back?

Paraphrasing the morning team at WVLI, Kankakee: “Not one but two guys thought it would be a good idea to break into Wrigley Field and steal … ivy. That’s the best they could come up with?”

It is the ivy that brings such bad luck to the Cubs, so these guys are just removing some of the bad luck.

The only losers in the country who are bigger losers than the Cubs are Cubs fans who keep supporting the loser Cubs. Any team that can’t win at least one world series a century should be sent down to the minors.

I don’t think they should be allowed to do it, but “desecrating” seems a bit melodramatic. It’s a baseball field.

I can understand wanting a piece of the ivy so bad you’d steal it

but to actually go through with it? sickening

Haven’t been to Wriglet since the 70s, but would it be possible to reach the ivy from the stands, snip a cutting and root it?

I knew a guy who successfully spread HIS OWN ashes in the Wrigley outfield.
My BIL’s best friend died of diabetes, but a few years previously he had a leg amputated.
So - of course - he had the amputated leg cremated, bought a ticket for the bleachers…

It was a bush league stunt, certainly not worthy of the Ivy League.

Not to mention that drunken fans do way worse in the stands during each game…

The Cubs tried to throw them out, but kept missing the cut off man.

Have you heard of Steve Goodman?

You mean Steve Bartman?

Rarely does LOL describe anything in real life. Usually it connotes amusement. This time, however, it’s an apt description for my reaction. Good one, that.

No, he meant Steve Goodman.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I’m here all week. Please tip your waitstaff.

Fortunately, Red Sox fans can legally grow “Fenway Park” ivy.

Uh-oh. I stole some ivy from there once. I was sitting in the front row of the bleachers and reached down and took a sprig hoping to root it and grow it at my house. Unfortunately, the sprig did not survive the post game drunken revelry.