Men - Feminine sides...

I have always been interested in people and our diversity. But one thing that always pecks my head is, the majority of males and their inability to show their feminine side. So what’s the big deal, what’s wrong with using certain baby lotions for our skin. Get over guys, there are more important things in life than worrying about what your mates in the pub are thinking about that pleasant smell on you.

Depends on the pub I guess. In some of them you’ll be asked to dance ,in some you’ll just have the lotion beat out of you. I tried to release my feminine side but every time I drove the car my masculine side knew where we were going but my feminine side wanted to stop and ask. I just wound up driving in circles. When I finally got there everyone thought I had become bipolar. mmm It is debateable that this is the right board for this.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

Ok, I’ll admit that I use moisturizer for my skin, at least during the dry winter. But this is functional (I hate dry skin, especially around the cheeks). Sometimes I wear a dress, but only to get free Bud Light during ladies night at the bar. Oh yes, also to fit in during S&M nights at the discos. Other than that, the only feminine side I want is attached to a cute piece of female ass, so cut that sissy stuff out.

Not a thing wrong with embracing your feminine side but just maybe the pub isn’t the place to do it. I like to make fresh bread in the privacy of my own kitchen but I don’t need a lace apron to do it.

How could you say such a thing! Your so…so…mean! I don’t want to talk to you ever again! Oh, okay. I forgive you. No, I don’t! And I never will! Alright. We shouldn’t fight. Bastard!
It’s like that time we were on the bus, you remember, two years ago, you were wearing your green sweater and we had just rented The Cable Guy the night before and you said Jim Carrey’s hair looks like it’s made of Play Doh…you remember! And I caught you looking at another guy - he looked like a slut - and you said you weren’t, but I knew you were and is that what you want? You want me to dress like that? Would that make you happy?

Does this font make my fingers look fat?

you should know, if you have to ask, just forget it.

Hey lotionboy, ya should posted this in MPSIMS. It’s the official forum for all Girly Foo-Foo Flowery Threads.

Don’t trip on your skirt on the way out.

If I wanted smoke blown up my ass, I’d be at home with a pack of cigarettes and a short length of hose.

No Rhysdad, of it doesn’t sweetie…!

I reckon it’s great when you see other blokes appriciate something that really, underneath, they see as only for big sissies.
Why is it so difficult for a large portion of males to show their feminine side?

I might be able to answer you if I knew what you meant by feminine side. So far we have: lotion and pleasant smell. I never use lotion because I do not like the feel of it on my skin. My wife often says I smell very pleasnt. What else ya got?

There is a fine art to integrating displays of your feminine side with an overall machismo. See, if someone recognizes that your lotion is pleasantly scented, and points it out, you say, “Huh, well, I don’t care if I smell like flowers,” and follow it with a growl.

If someone catches you crying at the movies, you say, “It reminds me of the time I lost my platoon sergeant back in the mid-80s. I’d taken so much shrapnel to the legs I couldn’t carry him all the way back to the dressing station. He died there right in my arms after I collapsed. Guess I’d just bottled it all up til now.” If they ask you what war that was in, just tell em, “Oh, it was a black op, nothing you’d’ve heard of.” Nobody will believe you, but at least it’ll distract attention from the fact that you’re crying like a baby.

  • Boris B, Hellacious Ornithologist

If your vice is cuddling cats overmuch, (not that I know anyone with this vice [whistling innocently]), I can’t help you. But if you have the same problem with puppies, just say that every puppy needs lots of affection if he’s going to turn into a confident viscious guard dog. “I handled my rotties this way, and they turned out just fine. Wanna see the burglar’s hand I pulled out of Muffin’s mouth?”

Hey bitch, keep your feminine side from checking out my masculine side! I’ll claw your blue (even though they’re contacts) eyes out and really swell up those tits you so proudly flaunt. You think you’re better than me, we’ll see about that, I’m gonna have your masculine side’s mouth watering for my goods. Slut, and whats with the white shoes? Its almost New Years, dits.

Well, I think I can discuss this topic without getting abusive, but I’m not sure anybody here is going to like the answer.
Many women express the desire to see a man’s feminine side by saying, “I wish my boyfriend/husband/lover would >open up< to me.” I hope you will trust me when I say that although some women dream of finally seeing some man’s “feminine” side, none of them ever find it attractive in the least.
I’m sorry but most women need to have this said at least five times before they even hear it:
A woman will attack a man who shows his feminine side. A woman may think she wants her man to show his feminine side but she will change her mind rather quickly if he ever does, because it will make her stomach turn.
I’m sure there are women out there who are exceptions to this rule, but I sure haven’t slept with one yet. I’m not bitter. I just know better now.
You have to admit that men are famous for similar reactions to women when they try to express their “masculine” side. Any woman out there ever try to turn your man on by beating him at arm wrestling? If so, how long did it take him to recover from it? What’s that? You weren’t around to find out?
I’m sure no person here would have trouble seeing that a man beaten by his lady at arm wrestling would have some big time issues. What no one seems ready to admit is that a woman would have the same problems if a guy tried to do something equivalent to or for his lady.
For example, I’m a redhead and thus have had to stay out of the sun all my life because otherwise I burn burn burn. As a result, I once had softer skin than one of my sun worshipping girlfriends and SHE HATED IT. She used lotion every day in an effort to rectify the situation.
! As usual in the battle of the sexes, neither party is especially innocent. !

The reason for this situation? I can only venture very deep-seated, socially programmed needs and wants. Such items elict a “knee-jerk” reaction if you will.
This is not to say that it’s good and right and makes one feel good. Maybe we should put this on our list of things to work at by the next millennium, but then again maybe we should just shrug our shoulders and stop wishing our lovers would change.
Do you see now why your question has resulted in such freaky reactions?

Ah, GOmes, you just aren’t meeting the right kind of women! The only men I’ve ever truly been in love with were guys who were completely unafraid to be sensitive, caring, and “feminine”, whatever that may mean.

This is a topic I am always curious about. Most males are raised to believe that they have to be strong, always, and if they don’t feel strong, then fake it. But that is, of course, pure crap. It’s just a recipie for rediculous posturing and is responsible for most of the destruction that humans wreak upon this planet. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a war or some such entirely inspired by some guy wearing fruity lotion!

Anyway, guys do need to stop being afraid to be themselves. Women did it in the 60’s (or at least most did, there are a few stragglers just figuring it out now) and men learned to deal with it. Now men can do it and women will learn to deal with it too. I for one wouldn’t mind it at all if my men friends want to cry with me at sad movies. Hell, if a guy doesn’t cry when he’s sad I figure that there’s something seriously wrong with him!

Oh, and if a guy is bothered by my ability to beat him at arm wrestling, then he’s probably got a lot of pent up rage in him, and I’d avoid him in a dark alley. Heh.

the maroon one

Well, I think it’s fun when women show their masculine side, but only certain masculine sides. Playing nerf basketball in the house - fun. Telling disgusting jokes … I’ll pass on that. I’d love it if some female would go with me to the shooting range. What could be better than a bunch of things that go “POW!” and spit hot brass at you, and a woman too? (I bet that would make a good joke. I’ll take it to my joke workshop and see what I can come up with.)

The problem is, most women show the wrong masculine sides. (Granted, a subjective “wrong”.) I know a lot more women who talk about sports than who talk about economics. Maybe I’m just unlucky. sigh

What on earth is feminine? heatherlee was the personification of feminity and look what happened to her!

Yesterday in the thrift shop I saw a real bearded lady. Yep. Wearing a real goatee, not quite as thick as what a guy gets but whoa, is like woman showing masculinity?

A bearded lady isn’t merely a woman showing her masculine side, it’s a woman showing her abnormal testosterone imbalance.
– tracer, who unintentionally dated two hermaphrodites

While this will vary depending upon how redneck your local community is, but the new generation of men are being raised to unabashedly show their feminine side, although, from their point of view, they think it’s just part of being human.

To wit, generation X men and younger will:

  • hug other men
  • express their (tender) feelings
  • be very well groomed with good hygiene
  • have close friends of both genders
  • be a loving and tender father and homemaker

and all this without giving up the machismo things like spitting, sports, video games, being gross (but only privately and at certain guy-approved events), being competitive, etc…

At least, that has been my observation, and I do quite a bit of work that employs the social sciences, so, I have an eye for these sort of things.


“- hug other men
- express their (tender) feelings
- be very well groomed with good hygiene
- have close friends of both genders
- be a loving and tender father and homemaker”
That is the stereotype. That can put a guy under extreme pressure to conform to that!. ack, not for me, forget it.

As for baby oil, since when is that feminine? Isn’t it for babies? Maybe we need to support our inner baby more.