Men in Woodbury NJ need to be more considerate

If they know what’s good for them. Tells the story of a lady who, in anger after not being let in when responding to a booty-call-text (booty-text?) due to the initiator having fallen asleep, decided to burn his house down. Buried near the bottom of the text, it is revealed that this is the second time a spurned lady resorts to arson, this year, in Woodbury. Woodbury having only about 10k inhabitants, that is a frighteningly high incidence rate, and reason enough to dial back cad-like behavior. Alternately, given that both perpetrators bought the accelerant and other needed tools for the arson at the same gas station, maybe the local dudes can just perpetually buy out that station’s lighter fluid and reduce their risk that way. Or move, I guess.

I moved. :slight_smile:
I lived just outside of Woodbury, in West Deptford almost thirty years ago.

Check out that username.

Wouldn’t find me in Woodbury either before or after dark.

Would Not Bury

I currently reside in West Deptford (Riverwinds). :slight_smile:

I’m not the booty-call type (neither sender nor recipient) but if I was then … I could totally see myself falling the fuck asleep right after the “c’mon baby I neeeed you” message.