Men or Women: who stinks up the bathroom more?

In your opinion, which sex makes the bathroom smellier after a bowel movement?

women when there on their periods…

Whoever has the gastric bleed and is passing melanotic stool usually wins that contest. Unless someone else is passing gangrenous bowel tissue, anyway.

These occur with either sex.

actually my cats can win this contest easily…

The boy cats or the girl cats?

dosent all matter on that one tho I think yellow cats stink worse than black ones

Oh god. Women, hands down! Well, at least the women in my life. Maybe I’m just lucky.

I made a comment to the cleaning lady in our office building once about a mess in the men’s room and she said, “the men’s room is never a walk in the park, but it ain’t nothing compared to what those bitches do in the women’s room!”

In my experience, as a former toilet cleaner: Women, hands down.

By process of elimination (Ha!) it has to be men. Women do not poop, fart or sweat. Ever. They do, however, pee a lot to make up for it.

Women, because of all the perfume they’ll use to cover it up. Men don’t care as much to bother covering it up. Let the next guy deal with it.