Le't's settle the never ending debate on bad odor!

I know if I don’t shower for a while I can smell quite nasty. Men can get fecal odor on their crotch and what not that builds up after awhile and I’ve noticed even men can get a “fishy” odor. But most people I talk to say dirty girls and women smell worse than dirty boys and men. Is that really true, or does it depend more on hygiene and how much or what we eat than on our gender?

Depends on when you last bathed.

(NOT your gender.)

How is this not self evident?

Um… Just shower more please. I was in the grocery store yesterday and someone in the store just STUNK. I would catch a wif of what they left behind. It hung in the air like an 8th grade stink bomb.

People of all genders should be washing their ass, crotch, and pits every day. They don’t have to shower. They don’t have to take a bath. But some soap and water should be hitting those parts on a daily basis.

That is all.

I was in the grocery checkout, behind an elderly man who stunk of old urine. Perhaps he had a catheter bag that leaked. I had to stand back like at an ATM.

My husband and I like each other’s natural aroma, so long as it’s not too funky. No deodorant or cologne as long as it’s just the two of us.

And I agree, men can smell as fishy as women.

When I was in grad school, we had several persons of various genders who didn’t believe in bathing. The stench they produced was incredible. The worst offender, presumably male based on outward appearance (didn’t get close enough to confirm) would leave a smell behind in rooms for hours after he/(?) left. Most of the apparently female stinkers would regularly douse themselves with perfume, which smelled even worse than their body odor.

There are some medical conditions that cause body odors so try hard to show some compassion until you actually confirm it’s just a lack of personal hygiene.

All I know is my shit don’t stink.

Ah, but your farts give you away. :smiley: