Why do some men have a 'stanky' smell?

I notice some dudes have this ‘stanky’ smell. Why is that? It doesn’t smell like nervous sweat (BO), but more like mild bathroom stank.


It might be a matter of … challenged hygiene.

Does it smell like ass, or is it even more rank? Does it come off of them from an equal distance, or do you notice it only when you shove your nose close to a typically ‘stanky’ place, such as an armpit or navel? You don’t say whether you think ‘stanky’ = ‘nasty’.

Some people say they never look at toilet paper after they wipe their behinds. I used to wonder how they knew they’d done an adequate job wiping because you feel clean before the paper stays white, but I’ve come to a conclusion: some of them don’t.

I’ve run across enough people who smelled mildly of crap to be fairly certain of this. My poor grandfather had a colostomy bag the last year of his life, and he never smelled as ripe as these random people, most of whom look perfectly healthy, so I don’t know what else to make of their unpleasant scent.

Maybe they’re wearing tight fitting polyester pants.

I knew a guy in high school who was absolutely rank, you would choke on the smell after he had been out of a room for a few minutes. As I recall, his period of smelling terrible only lasted about a year, so maybe someone spoke to him about bathing, or maybe he was sick or had a really terrible diet or something. Anyway, he was on the extreme end, but I know what you mean about people just smelling kind of gross. Often it’s someone overweight, so they may have issues with yeast infections in their skin folds or simply poor hygiene. Regardless, it’s awkward for anyone who has to be around them, because there’s pretty much no way to tell someone they stink without hurting their feelings.

Some people, and they are not always male, do not do laundry very often and seem to think that because they are allegedly ‘clean’ when they get out of the shower, their bath towel is never actually getting dirty.

So they get out of the shower and re-paint themselves with nasty smell-carrying bacteria from this crusty unwashed bath towel every single day.

Some of those same people don’t have hand towels in their bathrooms either, and use the same unwashed bath towel to dry their hands, and their guests hands.

And you know, you can like, wash your bedding about twice a year, right?

my thoughts exactly

Same people seem to think their clothes don’t get dirty or rank after wearing them. They may take a shower every day but put on that same gross sweatshirt that they went jogging in 4 times last week.
Same people seem to think they can wear the same pair of jeans 10 days in a row and not develop a stank.

Yeah, one of my co-workers does that.

Some people just don’t bathe often. Some friends of mine in college had a roommate who didn’t bathe, and their room always smelled like dead rat. They finally staged an interevention and told the guy he had to shower every day.

The only time I’ve ever heard the word “stanky” in a sentence is in the oh so clever euphemism for fucking: Getting a little stanky on your hang-down.

Maybe these men you’re smelling are just really popular.

My freshman roommate rarely, if ever, showered or bathed. He had eczema, and claimed that showering made it worse. He did not smell good (though, honestly, not as bad as one might expect). He was weird in so very many ways; this was just one aspect of it.