Men: Restore your hair in as little as 4 weeks

Yeah. I’m talking about the ad that’s all over the place on this website. Anyone else think that woman is a not-very-good Photoshop job? No woman I’ve ever known had breasts like that, fake or real.

Screen shot for the ad-challenged?

They’re real…and they’re spectacular.

For the ad challenged

Probably got them from one weird trick developed by a local mom.

Aw man, guys with hair get all the weird breasts.

they’re real.

i’m not just a customer, i’m in the ad.

There is a magical new item of clothing called a “bra” that can lift up breasts as shown in that ad. I know it’s amazing and youv probably never seen it before, since the things are so new and little-used.

Uncovered boobs: both the target demographic and the means used to get their attention.

I’ve never pictured you as particularly buxom. :confused:

I still have the note my son wrote for me when he was about 8.

He saw an ad for Bosley hair restoration on TV, and wrote down the number for me, and left it on my desk so I could get new hair.

He’s a good boy.

Ok, I’m all confused. If you’re a man and you get your hair restored in as little as four weeks, you also get boobs? Or is it only boobs believe you can get your hair restored in as little as four weeks? Maybe boobs restore hair in as little as four week? Hair will restore boobs in as little as four weeks? I need answers to clear up the confusion not because I need hair (got that) or boobs (got the man kind so don’t need those either).

Hang on, my hair remains like a privet hedge and my wife is, indeed, not un-buxom.

I see a pattern emerging here.

Ooo! Spam! Modki…oh, wait…

<walks away dejectedly>

Firefox + Adblock, you fools!

Sure you can get your “hair” restored in 4 weeks. It’s a “hair system” in other words, it’s little bits of someone else’s hair glued to your head. If you look closely, the ad is for Hair Club for Men.

Once, at a conference, I sat behind a guy with a “hair system” it actually looked worse than a toupee.

And, about the boobs. Mine were bigger and just as perky when I was young. Now, still big, just no perk.

I vote real. Why would they photoshop her breasts but leave his hair looking like that?

I got two words for you on the hair thing: Steve Ballmer. I’m sure he would donate a billion or a couple of billion to a “cure” for baldness. It just doesn’t exist…

I don’t believe that ad for a second. Clearly a photoshop.

There’s no way that guy would be looking at her face.

I’d need to see a larger pic please. And if anyone would be kind enough, photoshop him out and her twin in.