So, it turns really, really like boobs.

Okay, I realize that at age 42 this should not surprise me. However, I had rather an enlightening experience today. I’m an OR nurse and we had some breast implants that had expired. Rather than throw them away, we decided to play with them. We inflated them with tap water to a ridiculous size, and I stuck them in bra. Now, I’m fairly modestly endowed, so this was quite obvious on me.

There was one of two reactions. The women would startle, then start to laugh, because, you know, it was a joke. The men, on the other hand, uniformly, got this delighted expression on their faces, and then just. kept. staring. And I thought…“Really!? These are obviously a joke…not mine…not real!” And yet all the men would not stop staring at me. All of them…from the 18 year old techs, to the mid-fifties surgeons. I really don’t think I’d realized before now how very much men like boobs.

Nuh uh.

Put me down for a couple.

Can it be that no man has said “Cite?” yet?

No, no, it’s “Pics or it didn’t happen!” in a thread like this.

Breast implants can EXPIRE?!? :eek: I’ve never been happier about having natural breasts than I am right now.

Best if groped before AUG 2009

I didn’t know you could add water to them. I figured they were sealed at the factory, and any sort of fitting on them to attach a hose would be a bit of a giveaway.

I read a little article a couple of years ago by a lady who spent a week or so with false breasts and recorded the (predictable) reaction. Sort of like “Stacked like Me.”

I do have this image of a woman walking down the street, there’s a little balloon-deflating wheeeeeee noise and one of her breasts suddenly shrinks.

Well, I encourage happiness with natural boobs, but they only expire if they’re not actually implanted.

Oh yes, they’re actually designed so the surgeon can add saline during the procedure to achieve the desired effect.

You know, I wore those things for an hour, max, and the reaction I got actually gave me a real insight into why women get these. The male attention was…rather intense. From professional men, whom I deal with on a professional basis, who know that these were essentiallly water filled balloons.

Sometimes, when I’m bored, or just feeling down, I’ll open up a text window a type this:

( . Y . )

and just stare and stare and stare… and oh how much better I feel.

Errrr…what were you saying?

Huh? Wha?

I’m still staring…

Actually, when that happens, they fly around the room until it lands in someone’s soup.

They line that fitting up with the nipple.

Then I feel for the bastards who get a mouth full of silicone when that nozzle fails.


I’ve never been sadder. :frowning: (Barely A cups, and they’re uneven, sniff.)

(kidding - they have their perks (snerk). except maybe about the uneven part. talk about adding insult to injury.)