So, it turns really, really like boobs.

Well, yes, but the French say they should fit into a white wine glass.
In Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare’s character Benedict elaborately describes the perfect woman and lastly says, “and her hair…shall be the color that pleaseth God.” :slight_smile:

They come with the rest of her, but my favorite is when they just fit in my hand, and you can squeeze…but I digress.

Yeah, well…I’ve got those hand fitting squeezable ones, and I’ve **never **got the attention I did today.

Here’s an animated GIF that someone uses as his avatar on another bboard I frequent… No matter how many times I see it, I always, always stare for at least a few seconds. Then I glance around to see who’s looking, and… stare some more. :smiley:

Sweet Jesus. They are idiots. Don’t get me started, Mrs. Plant will kill me. :slight_smile:

If I was a surgeon, I might just be tempted to add more saline than was strictly necessary.

I have three boys, and you can tell when they reach puberty by the looks on their faces when they see boobies on TV… sort of like this :eek:

Well, I’m a straight guy and I don’t like 'em. Almost all of my girlfriends have had C or above, too, which figures, I guess. My dream woman is A to A-and-a-half.

FWIWWINM, I think a small-breasted figure carries a few extra pounds much more gracefully than a large-breasted one.

Also, though no one asked, I would like to take this opportunity to cast my vote for pubic hair.*

*I mean, not as a condiment or anything… you know what I’m talking about.

There is such a thing as aesthetically pleasing.
One may cup them in your hands from behind her, and pull the nipples, gently or other wise as the situation demands…OK, I’m embarrassed and out of here.

Were these all men who knew you, and knew that you were engaging in, shall we say, false advertising? If some woman I knew was suddenly much more buoyant than usual, I might ask what was up. To assume you’d get the same attention from strangers is not necessarily true.

Well, except that all the women laughed, and reacted appropriately for a joke, which it most obviously was. The men…not so much.

I might* look at your new breasts, but I would prefer* small ones, every time.

I think it’s only obvious to women.

Yeah, that was my first reaction too!!! WTF??? What happens when they expire once they are implanted??? Huh???:confused:

I have a vena cava filter–hope that thing doesn’t have an expiration date… Don’t know how the heck they would get that out. For those who don’t know, it’s a contraption that is placed in the vena cava (a huge vein) that captures blood clots until they get worn down and smaller and safely pass through (my layman’s explanation).

Of course they can. Just look on the bottom of them and there should be a “Best Before” date.

Oh wow. What’d you do to get that?

re: vena cava filter, sorry.

I read this as BREAST before date.

A good rule of thumb.

At a party, my onetime girlfriend was giving someone a taste of her ahem wit, looked back at me and said “I believe in giving tit for tat.” 9 guys (me included) immediately began chanting, “Tat, tat, tat, tat…”

You misread it. It says “Breast Before”

I am not much of a fan of large breasts. I prefer smaller, if I should really have any preference at all.

But what I have noticed is if they are visible in any sense, either naked display, boosted physical prominence, exposed cleavage, or serious eraser tip nipplage, then they inevitably draw my attention, despite my preferences.

I think it must be instinct.

Yeah, there’s a difference between what gets our attention, and what we actually like. There are many examples of extreme characteristics that would draw my eye just by virtue of being unusual, but I’m no more attracted to breasts five sizes larger than are naturally possible than I am to, say, someone having three eyes.

Now, what I do find attractive is breasts of a particularly fine shape, but those can naturally come in a wide variety of sizes, and it’s very rare indeed for artificial breasts to get the shape right.

Did someone mention boobs? :confused:

Oh there we go, much better. :wink: