Men: Sudden, Urgent Need to Pee; Almost Losing Bladder Control

Guys, does this happen to you? When you have the moderate need to pee (only moderate at that point), and you’re somewhere where it takes a few minutes to get to the bathroom, and then as you’re nearing the bathroom that moderate need suddenly and quickly becomes immediate and VERY strong, but you’re still a minute or two away from the bathroom? It’s like in the last 5 minutes the urge went from “okay, think about finding a bathroom” to “holy shit, I’m going to wet my pants right fucking here and right fucking now!

There are two factors:
(1) the speed at which the urge to pee ramped up, very rapidly, and
(2) the imminent edge of losing bladder control

This happened after dinner last night when my wife and I were arriving at the shopping mall. I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom. Thought I’d piss my shorts right there on the Sears sales floor. :frowning:

This seems to happen about once a month, lately. I think it’s almost a “mind over matter” thing – my brain knows I’m nearing the restroom, so maybe I’m anticipating the upcoming relief and maybe I’m prematurely relaxing my bladder muscles…?

Age is likely a factor. I’ll be 52 soon. Do I need to start doing kegels exercises? Are incontinence briefs in my future? I hope not! Should I discuss this with my doctor?


Yes. This is something you should definitely discuss with your doctor.

There is a certain amount of operant conditioning that goes on normally with bladder tone. Bladders do go through cycles of ramping up the signal that they want to empty, especially if an opportunity for emptying is nearby (think proximity to a bathroom as a trigger). These cycles can get more extreme with age and other circumstances without any disease being present.

BUT: It could well be prostate issues too. BPH and prostatitis are common reasons for this sort of complaint. Kegels would be unhelpful for that. So if it troubles you, see your doc.

The OP sounds like a pharmaceutical advertisement that ran for a few years concerning an enlarged prostrate gland. Medline Plus link

It’s prostate, dammit!

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I don’t want to be part of a Saturday Night Live skit, Oops I Pissed My Pants!

Do men get UTIs?


Umm… Doc? I don’t have one of those. Not my department.

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You’ve really got your finger on it today. Would you believe I was lying down when I wrote that post? It’s an honest mistake.

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Yes, even yeast infections.

As to the OP: I used to have this occasionally (and yes, I feel your pain), but not since I’ve been on meds for BPH. But it’s gotta have a psychological component. How else could your bladder know when you’re nearing a toilet?

Two, actually.

Sure, that’s how they do it.


“Why, my Uncle Thumper had a problem with his probate and he had to take these biiiig pills and drink lots of water!”