Urination - A Straight Dope Favourite

Since unka Cece does such a good job at answering questions about bodily functions, I thought I’d give the message board a crack…

Why is it not too difficult (at least when you’re younger) to “hold it in” but always next to impossible, or at least pretty painful and uncomfortable, to stop once you’ve started?

I’m sure the Nobel committee is waiting for anyone to solve this one.

This won’t serve to answer your question at all, but I’ve heard that women can turn off the faucet in midstream much more easily than men can.

There are 2 sphincter muscles involed in micturition, 1 voluntary the other autonomic, stopping the flow with the first, especially if you really need to go, is lots of work,

As long as we’re on the subject, why is it that when we’re out running around we seem to be able to hold off pretty much indefinitely. But the minute we get home, or anywhere a restroom is available, the urge becomes much more irresistible?

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mangeorge, you’ve been trained pavlovian-like. If you don’t have it available, your body ignores the need. The second one is available, your body kicks in again, saying “I need this!”

BTW, I don’t know about you guys, but I can start and stop freely, no pain involved. Maybe I’m more evolved than you… :slight_smile:


Rysdad- Tis all that exercise…Kegels!

Kegels are wonderful,

I can do it. But then why would anyone want to?

THink about it. You power up your muscles to put extreme pressure on your bladder to force the urine to come out. Its that pressure you put that Kegel muscles deal with.

I know after a few trips to the kegel, I have to urinate…

Yer pal,

**Mangeorge **

I believe the need is inversely proportional to the square of the distance to the facilities. If someone with math skills greater than I were to double check and publish this, there is a Nobel prize in the wings.

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I once heard a Vietnam-era military story about how Marines used to hold it in all day while traipsing through the jungle, then crap/piss on command once a secure perimeter had been established. Their fear was that their droppings would give them away. Obviously, the fear of getting blown away was enough of a Pavlovian incentive to control their urges.

Yeah, but most people walk away from the kegel before they urinate, Satan.

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Close, it’s proportional to the square of the distance. When can I pick up my ticket to Stockholm?

Joltsucker, I noticed a similar phenomenon in navy boot camp. Almost no one can take a crap for about the first week. Mind you navy boot is so easy my gray haired old mama could do it but some guys are so rattled by the new experience and getting barked at by a company commander and no walls around the shitters that the plumbing takes a break.

And the constant of proportion is pi (we decided it’s officially pronounced “pee”, right?)

Where’s my Nobel?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that once you have consciously acknowledged that you have to pee, the urge gets even stronger than it was before.

Also, I don’t know about you, but I have a very easy time “turning off the faucet”, as it were. It’s come in habdy a few times when I couldn’t find any facilities, ducked behind a bush or something, and only then noticed that it wasn’t as secure from prying eyes as I had been led to believe.

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It’s come in habdy? Right. It’s also come in handy.

“That’s entertainment!” —Vlad the Impaler

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Yer pal,

So basically what most of you are saying is that I’m a big freak that can’t control my own pee.

Oh well. I suspected as much.

Don’t take it that hard. I’ll agree, I can hold it a long time but once started, I hate to try to stop. Being a one man office and the phone system being as it is, as soon as I start to take a piss the phone rings. So, I have to make this effort a lot.