Men: Who is circumcised?

Before I knew the sex of my daughter, my wife brought up the subject of circumcision in case we had a son. I said that he should be circumcised, but only because I was and that most other boys in the US are. But then she found information about how circumcisions are performed (rather horrific), and I’ve changed my mind. I’m also suing my mother for the trauma that I must have gone through. (JK :D)

I remember in PE that everyone else was circumcised except one kid. Never seeing an uncircumcised penis, we all thought he was weird.

My questions, guys:
[ul][li]are you circumcised?[/li][li]how old are you?[/li][li]where were you raised in infanthood?[/ul][/li]
For me: I am, 35, Colorado.

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46, circumcized, born in Illinois.

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The decision is up to you, but I would check with a real doctor before concluding that the circumcision process is “horrific.” The information on the net tends to overrepresent anti-circumcision viewpoints.

33 next Tuesday, Michigan, and Mr. Happy doesn’t wear a turtleneck.

My sister-in-law’s boys aren’t. I, personally, would rather go through infantile pain that I won’t (and don’t) remember later than to go through the rigamorole of wiping after peeing. I prefer a maintenance-free unit.

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33 and missing skin.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have the right to decide how my kid’s unit will look and perform. I haven’t seen a good enough argument for arbitrarily altering a child’s genitalia.

28 and cut. My parents were told by their ob/gyn that it would be more ‘hygenic’ if I were, so I was. Couldn’t have been that bad; I don’t remember a thing about it.


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Ever hear about that kid who was born without any eyelids?! The doctors took the skin from his circumcision and did a little corrective surgery, and made rudimentary eyelids for him, the muscles were there, but he just didn’t have the skin to cover his eyes.

Everything’s fine with him now. He’s well adjusted, and happy, if a bit cockeyed.


29, circumcised (I’m Jewish, so that’s no surprise), born & raised in NYC.

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I am though I prefer the term “streamlined.”

36, Philly

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A/C/L??? (age/circumcised/location?) :wink:

26, hassle-free, California.

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23, deforeskinated, Massachusetts.

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38 and circumcised (the gentile way, with no caterer). Oddly it was something I always wondered about as I was never sure while growing up. I realized mine didn’t look like any of the other guys who were either obviously cut or uncut as I was somewhere in between. Several years ago I was talking to my mom and somehow the topic came up. I’m all lik thinking “I so don’t want to discuss this,” but mom actually cleared up a mystery for me. Our family doc wasn’t available to do it and the guy who he referred us to only gave me a “trim.” She said she was mad about him doing a half job and almost took me back to have it done a second time. A mystery solved and it wasn’t neary as traumatic as when she pointed out the farm house I was convieved in. [HOLDING HANDS OVER EARS]LA LA LA LA LA![/HOLDING HANDS OVER EARS]

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32, Cut, USofA.

BTW, two five year old boys were urinating in the same toilet at the same time, when the uncircumcised boy looked at his friend, who was cut. “What’s wrong with your pee-pee?,” he asked.

“I was circumcised when I was just 2 days old,” his friend replied.

“Wow, did it hurt?” the first one asked.

“I guess so. I couldn’t walk for a year.”

22, cut, Texas.

25 uncut, i was born in england. as i was growing up this was always an embarrasing thing for me, being different from all of the other kids ( i had moved stateside by that point) i remember my mother telling me she was rip shit that the doctor wouldn’t perform the snip…anyway, cut to a good deal of years later, i have come to learn that it hasn’t really mattered too much in my life either way. i have also learned (and this may not be what a parent would want to hear, but…) in the gay culture, it is a definate added bonus, not so much for straight females though. spo i guess it worked out well for me.

oh yeah, we don’t have to Milossarian, and shouldn’t everyone be cleaning “down there” anyway?

what i meant to say was we don’t have to wipe Milossarian, we just shake, like everyone else

You wipe Milossarian after you pee? Isn’t that kind of gross?


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Memphis, TN

39, Michigan, yes(It is the Catholic thing to do), but had other problems down there anyways, so it would have been done any ways (some sort of birth defect, with the urethra in the wrong spot)\

If the the urologist(Dr Boney)didn’t have to cut some of it off, I’d probably have a career in the x-rated movie business.

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