men with painted fingernails

At a bar in Houston the bartender commented on a guy who had painted fingernails. [I knew this guy, he was the drummer in a local band.] She said it was the second guy she had seen that week with painted fingernails and wants to know if it is a new trend.

Is it?

new? i’d hardly say new. in fact they have some nail polish called “male polish” which has been out for quite some time. quite a few acquaintances of mine paint their nails, and let me remind you of a fellow (?) called marilyn manson. but aside from him, other men paint their nails. it’s not as big a trend as it was some time ago. how long? i don’t know. a year? who knows!

ok now someone answer my question?

Huh, maybe they’re doing a study on irregular nail growth.


I painted my fingernails with that clear stuff with sparklies in it about 2 years ago. even then i considered myself on the tails of the trend.

We live in an age that reads to much to be wise, and thinks too much to be beautiful–Oscar Wilde

Yeah, used to paint… my thumbs black, and my pinkey ‘pink’… but I was a ‘punk’ so, who cares?! I stopped 2 years ago… it was funny, though… ladies used to ask me what was up…a nice pick-up line!!.. and the guys?.. a few gave me shit, but I always took care of myself, even at 150 lbs… Nobody ever fucks with me…

I knew a classical guitar player who painted his nails to keep them strong enough to play…he usually used clear, but every once in a while he’d borrow mine…maybe her town has been invaded by mad flamincos

Hmmm… I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s a musician thing.

One of the guitar players for my band wears it but I think he does it to draw more attention to his hand/playing or something. I dunno, I never asked him. I can think of maybe 10 other guys who I’ve seen in the last month with it on, but none of them were in the audience - they were up on stage.

I’m a drummer and my hands are usually flying around quite quickly so it’d be pretty hard to see any nail polish. Plus, it would taste awful when I gnaw on my nails.