Men - Would You Date Jenny McCarthy?

Not really. I prefer not to hang out with people who actively make the world worse. There are young children who’d have avoided very painful illnesses but for McCarthy’s tripe. Thus, I wouldn’t date her.

Credit where credit is due, however - she is still quite attractive. The “plastic surgery face” jeers are misplaced, I think.

Not if she was the last woman on Earth. Even if that was the only way to stop Papa Nurgle from smiting me, too.

Sure I’d do a single Jenny. I used to have quite a thing for her. And if I were to eliminate women with nutty ideas from my pool of choices, it would be slim pickings indeed. Now if she would put up with my nutty idea of vaccines don’t cause autism, then we have a match. But I doubt she would be as tolerant. Oh, and I do an really annoying Jim Carrey impression. That could either seal the deal or break it.


Seriously? She’s the last woman on Earth (and still quite hot, IMHO), it’s up to you and her to repopulate the planet, and you wouldn’t? Really?

Besides, the OP specified that you wouldn’t have to marry her. I don’t think that there are many men on this planet who wouldn’t fuck her, despite her looniness.

I’d do her.

I wouldn’t talk to her, but I’d do her.

Remember, she objects to things be stuck in her and being injected.

Besides, her ears whistle when it’s windy.

I didn’t mean it seriously, but no, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to spend time around someone I don’t respect that has done as much as she has to cause harm to innocent people.

I’d date her. If for no other reason then the great stories I’d have later. I’ve dated a lot of girls that I just tuned out whenever they opened their mouths one more wouldn’t be and different. Her having a kid would be a deal breaker though.

Sure, I can out-crazy her any day of the week.

At that point, the human race would be doomed anyways, as there would be insufficient genetic diversity to produce a stable population. I see no ethical problem with choosing not to even start.

As for me: I would go on a single date, I guess. I’d probably wind up doing a lot more if she wanted, but I’d hate myself afterward. I know that, if I was with her for few weeks, I’d get over her physical attractiveness and would finally have the ability to resist. I’d need divine help otherwise.

ETA: Actually, I could see myself doing the money digging way. Not necessarily from her, but, if people know I’ve dated her, I might be able to make money off of that. I’m barely getting by, and I’d actually feel that it was immoral not to take advantage of a money making method. Still, if I had sex with her, I’d feel like a whore (or whatever the male equivalent is.)

Like someone once said, DON’T STICK YOUR DICK IN THE CRAZY.

I’d say yes on condition it was strictly for the sex. I would, however, offer her all the video rights for $2 million plus points on the gross. ($1.5 mil if she’ll gratify my foot fetish.)

To all you men of principal who are voting ‘no’…


…is who you are turning down a date with.

Yeah, right.

Besides the obvious joke in the first line she also only objects to things being stuck in her that will protect her from diseases:

Because some toxins are clearly better than others.

I’m not being holier-than-thou, I just have no desire to spend time with an idiot too stupid to recognise the harm she has done.

If your argument is that she’s too hot to turn down - she’s not.
I’ve dated many hotter girls and my wife is WAY hotter.

You write that like she reads all your posts.

The kids would all die of some trivially-preventable childhood illness, anyway.

Well, I’ve been in a bar at closing time.

Yep. I have no standards. But, I’d have to chew my arm off in the AM, when I sobered up and realized her position on vax.
[sub]that, and the fact that Jim Carey had been there earlier. eewwww![/sub]