Menage a 3: Is Zii approaching the moral event horizon?

For those who don’t know it, Menage a 3 is a webcomic about three people sharing an apartment. Check it out (I linked to the archive rather than the home page because some strips are NSFW).

Anyway, for those who do follow the strip, does anyone else feel Zii is going too far in the current stroyline (the one that started with July 1 strip. To recap, she got a computer and went online. She was trolled by a kid and wanted revenge. Her revenge was to track down the kid, have sex with his mother, and break up his parents’ marriage.

I find trolls as annoying as the next guy but I think destroying some kid’s family may be overreacting. Zii’s done some morally questionable things in the past but I think this time she went too far.

Well, according to the Mom, the kids dad was a serial cheater, so I’m not sure it was so much Zii’s fault.

Kids just luck it wasn’t Cartman from S. Park.

Well, the cheating might have existed but Angele openly said that it was Zii who gave her the push to kick out her husband.

Ok, first of all, thank you for introducing me to that strip. I’ve spent the last 6 hours reading all of the comics to catch up. I haven’t laughed so much in ages.

Second, what Zii did was a bit out there, but I don’t think it was bad. It wasn’t a good thing, but not a bad thing either. It’s just something that happened.

A zombie thread but I figured why start a new one.

Since 2010, we’ve seen Gary cross his sexual event horizon. But has DiDi just done the same? More specifically, is the punchline of the July 12 strip that DiDi finally had her orgasm?

Disconnected link because it’s NSFW:
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I just spent the past two hours reading everything. Now I find myself oddly horny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh! I’m not the only one who reads that smut! Yay for the local web comic artist! :slight_smile: