Mennonite Sous

From the Michener novel “Centennial”, the chapter concerning Mennonites told of a dish called sous. It’s basically an aspic of stewed pork knuckles. Is this still a thing? I know aspics are now viewed as one of the oddities of '60s and '70s cooking. I’d like to try it though.

Note: can’t find it in wiki, what with all these sous vide items.

If you search for pork aspic, you’ll find plenty of recipes to try.

Here’s one that may be close to what you read about, though the seasoning definitely isn’t what they would have used.

I take that back altogether.

The book was describing head cheese.

Here here is a recipe for souse.

Nice one. Almost exactly as Michener described it. I cook knuckles with black eyed peas and three hours simmer still leaves them intact. To cook them till the meat slides off must take at least 5 hours.