Men's hair styles - the modern mullet

I’m sure it’s just me but is the modern men’s hair style - gel your hair, comb it and then make bits stick up, the modern equivalent of the “mullet” from the 1980s?

I have no objection to dreadlocks, shaven heads, mohawks or any other radical hair style - sometimes they look really good and make a statement. But the middle class 'do I describe above strikes me as stupidly embarassing - years from now photos will be met with cringing shame.

Mullets are worse, though, because they were NEVER in style, and aren’t in style now, and someone wearing one today may as well wear a sandwich board saying “Hello, I Am An Idiot.”

Yes, the spiky gino hairstyles are going to look pretty bad in pictures in 15 years. But there’s sort of an acceptance of the fact that hair that looked stupid 15 years ago was in style so what can you do? When you look at giant 70s 'fros or those huge poufy double-banged 80’s styles, you at least can say “Well, it was in style then.” You can’t say that for mullets.

Maybe it’s a regional thing, but at least in the southeastern U.S., I distinctly remember “mullets” in the '80s as being considered pretty cool (of course, we didn’t call them “mullets” back then). Lots of guys in high school sported them at one point or another, and I even remember many popular celebrities wearing them, too (which suggests it wasn’t just a Southern thing). A lot of things from the '80s were accepted as fashionable at the time, though by the early 90s that entire decade appeared a fashion nightmare.

Of course, here in the South there are some people who probably still think mullets are fashionable today. I have no excuse for these sad, sad people.

I suspect that the gelled sticky look will embarass the current generation as much as the mullet does my generation.

You mean all of it spiked or just the front?

As a pioneer of the Cesar (just the front spiked), I offer a big up yours to those of you calling me a New Mulleteer.

That said, I’m tired of sticky crispy gelled hair, so I’m growing it back out. Either that, or shaving it off.