Men's Hormone Cycles

How come guys testerone gets real high when they are with their girl and some guy starts to talk to her?

Hey, is it true that the menstrual cycles of women living together will eventually synchronize? I though I read it somewhere in Scientific American, but I am not sure.

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Here’s a classic column on this phenomenon:

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Seriously, though.

I read somewhere that some male researcher working in the jungle would periodically go to town to pick up supplies and patronize the local prostitutes. He noticed that as the time approached to go to town (two meanings!), the growth of his facial hair would accelerate.

After I’ve had sex, I don’t look at other women nearly as much as usual, for a couple of days. On the other hand (the right one), if I masturbate, it makes no difference in the looking-around department.

I also saw that Desmond Morris series on TV, and he asserted that men who have sex with their mates after being gone for a while produce more ejaculate, it didn’t matter if he masturbated recently.

What I was asking, though, was whether there was something analogous to female menstral cycles in men.

Hey! majormd–I didn’t/don’t get the chance to keep current with the SDMB/or JAMA. Sorry I was a dick: I was buzzed on EtOH and I obviously hadn’t read your ALL your posts in their entirety. All I saw was: you telling me to take my “bird” to an avian endocrinologist who specializes in prolactin. That’s why I was a dick. My Bad. Not enough alcohol dehydrogenase and /or aromatase. ;-). As to the invitation of future debate, that’s still valid. But it’s probably beyond the scope of your average poster here. I don’t have it front of me, but estrogen (estrodiol) regulates LH on different levels (hypothamic v. pitutitary) depending if it’s a rat OR a primate model. Like, I said, hormone regulation can be as complicated as you want it to be. Just one article I had to read last week. Rats are kinda Fucked up; but they’re the most common model that is used. What would be cool is a MB for people in the field–any suggestions?

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The Endocrine Society is a terrific example of an organization for both clinical and basic researchers as well as practicing clinicians to all rub elbows.

Here’s a link:

They don’t run message boards yet, but the more clinically-oriented American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists does (but you have to be a member to read and/or post and it MB is almost exclusively devoted to patient care issues).

A link to them:

And, uh, about last weekend? I’ve posted things I’ve regretted, too; that’s how I learned that a perplexed response accomplishes a lot more than a flame-thrower…No harm-no foul.

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