Menstrual cycle and horniness

Is there any sort of link between where a woman is in her menstrual cycle and how horny she feels ?

Personally, I’d say yes. Sure happens t’ me. :slight_smile:

This Aussie site has some general info, including a notation of “libido increasing”.

Well, when the eggs are ready, presumably the woman would be, too.


Derleth: Presumably, the sun comes up in the morning so that I don’t have to drive to work in the dark.

That reminds me why I got so annoyed with your relativity post a couple of days ago.

you can always cloud the issue a bit with atmospheric layering
ovulation is polar to menstruation so it must be related to the horn…sure as eggs are eggs. (more logic)


Women are apparently several times more likely to cheat on their partners when they are ovulating. I can’t remember the exact source - I think it was on a BBC documentary about human instincts.

Are you confusing menstrating with ovulating?

OP asked about ‘menstrual cycle’ - isn’t ovulation a part of the cycle? :confused:

No,menstuation would be what happens when ovulation didn’t result in fetilization and implantation.

Menstruation’ just means “monthly” - eggs are released each month, and that’s what meant by ‘menstrual cycle’…?

Shedding the womb lining is just another part of that cycle, but I didn’t think that’s what ‘menstruation’ actually meant? It’s just the most obvious sign that the monthly merry-go-round is here again.

Maybe the OP could clarify if the question is whether a woman’s horniness rises specifically while she is shedding her womb lining, or whether the question is more generally whether horniness is linked to the whole monthly cycle?

Seems to me that if Goo had wanted to ask about menstruation, he would have said menstruation. But he asked about the menstrual cycle, which is the whole monthly reproductive cycle, including menstruation, ovulation, and everything in between.

I have yet to find any study about whether women are hornier at one time of the month as opposed to another. Although you might figure that a woman should be horniest when she’s most fertile, the anecdotal evidence I have says it ain’t necessarily so. Those of my women friends who have mentioned an increased sex drive at a certain time (in my hearing anyway) usually say it’s during, or just before, their menstrual period. I’d venture a guess though that for most of us female types, the sex drive is a complex thing, influenced by so many other things that any regularly monthly variations are hard to notice.

Definitely there’s a link for me to certain parts of the cycle and libido. However I don’t know if it’s the same for every woman.

yup, really horny day 14, horny during my period and just before.

the first makes sense, the second part doesn’t. but there you go.

I’m on the same schedule as irishgirl. :slight_smile:

I just read in Cosmo last night (the Dec. issue) a little tidbit that says what e-logic said. “Studies suggest” that women are more likely to cheat during ovulation. Biologically it makes sense. If it’s all about making babies, one man isn’t going to necessarily make a baby. Better be safe than sorry.

Yes, I am at my “horniest” after the second day of my menstruation and for the next 5 days. Always, like a clock. I haven’t noticed anything like ovulation = horny. Maybe I am strange.

I feel horrid when I’m ovulating and when I’m menstruating. But there’s a brief (1 or 2 days) of Prime Time just AFTER my period.

I think it’s weird; most women I know are more receptive mid-cycle. Go figure.

So yes, there might be some link, but I would imagine that it’s specific to each individual.

I would think that being horny just prior to or during a period would be sort of a “one last chance to fertilise this egg, do it NOW or it goes down the drain” kind of thing.

I made a bad joke and you jump all over me.

No, I’m not going to make that bad joke.

Besides, you have me confused with someone else. I haven’t posted about Relativity, Special or General, in a long time.

Hormone levels fluctuate throughout the month, so it makes sense to me that sex drive would fluctuate as well.

I recall in Desmond Morris’ series The Human Animal a snippet about a study that said that women at dance clubs tended to show more skin the closer they were to ovulation. Hmmm…could it be that we’re just less bloated and less likely to cover up?

Ah ok, so it was me getting mixed up, no worries.

Part of the reason I was confused and misread the op is that in my experience girls are very horny when they have their period. Very frustrating if you’re not into messy sex.