Menstrual cycle and horniness

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes, I was wondering if women in general get horny at a certain part of their non-pregnant cycle, and whether it was usually at the time of ovulation.

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Two of my friends have mentioned being extremely horny around the 14th day each month (i.e, when they are ovulating) and yesterday, I awoke extremely horny on the first day of menstruating (i.e, bleeding). I had a chuckle about the fact that my two friends who want babies get horny when they were ovulating, while I get horny at the point when it’s least likely I’ll get pregnant. It made me grin, thinking of the silly coincidence, but then I wondered if there was something behind it perhaps.

I’m another woman who gets horny immediately after her period.


So Mischievous How You Doin?

Women subconsciously seek out men with strong testosterone levels during their ovulation period - features physically manifested in traits like strong jaw lines, ridged brows, hairiness, large testicle and penis size - and personality traits like wealth/success, aggressiveness and dominance over other men; MANLY features.

After this period, they generally prefer a more sensitive, caring, dare I say feminine male.

Evidently, the woman longs to be impregnated by the most dominant male she can get to ensure that her child inherits his powerful genes. But his unpredictability and reluctance to properly care for the child is questionable, so she returns to the loving arms of the submissive, yet nurturing male partner after her exposure to alpha male sperm.

and some of us just have sex with our SO.


it’s not unheard of to be monogamous is it?

when i’m horny i’m only really horny for my guy.
but maybe that’s because he has certain gifts and talents…

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You know, I could have sworn I saw an article in the paper just in the last two weeks that addressed this question directly.

It was probably in the local paper (for me–the Washington Post) and I know that the local reporter would have gotten it from the science journals, that is Science, Nature, or something on that level.

Anybody got access to Lexis-Nexis? I don’t at home, but I know that article is out there.

Here’s some stuff from the literature (I’m trying to redeem myself for flirting in GQ):

All cites are abstracts from PubMed, with a quick summary (by me) after each for those who don’t want to wade through this crap.

Or, women like sexy movies most immediately after their periods.

Women say they are hornier after their period and during ovulation, but this is also when they say they are happier, so general feeling good may be what’s leading to sexual feeling good.

Older study (1992) finds no difference in arousal levels during the menstrual cycle, but does not address sexual urge. Also does not find any difference in mood during the menstrual cycle, so take it with what salt you will.

Another study finds women horniest post-menstrally and during ovulation, but also notes that this is when they are happiest.

There you have it folks! Lots 'o studies (more than are referenced here) think that women are both horniest and happiest after their periods and during ovulation! None of them know if there’s a connection! Not surprising, really.


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