Men's restroom: Like a bottling plant

The discussion of restrooms reminded me of when I went to see the musical Wicked at the Orpheum theater in San Francisco. During the intermission, the lines to both the men’s and women’s bathrooms were very long. I was surprised, since its rare for there to be a line to the men’s room.

The funny thing about it, though was that everyone was so efficient at using the facilities in the men’s room this hundred foot-long line of guys were continuously moving in, then out of the restroom like some bizarre conga line.

I’ve never been in a line to use the bathroom that had things moving so seamlessly!

Urinals make all the difference in the world. I love 'em.

There used to be a version of stand-up toilets for women, sort of elongated shape with no seat. Do they still have those? I always hated them.

I always considered them more like an unbottling plant.