Merit Resources - Has anyone used them?

Somewhere out in Doperland somebody must have used Merit Resources, an outsource HR business. I’ve always been a little leery of them as it seems that nearly everywhere I’ve worked they’ve tried to sell us on their services and been rejected. Now I’m in the position of needing to look at outside HR proposals and my boss really loves what they are selling.

I still have my doubts in several areas, but in the meantime want to see if I can get references from people who have used them outside of the references Merit gave me to call. My google-fu is bad today and I cannot seem to find any references to them that are not generic info or written by Merit, so I have to do this the old-fashioned way and try to get people to tell me. I’ve put our some feelers locally, but more info is better, and I hope to have a wide range of businesses give opinions.

What works great for one company may not work at all for others, and there are some pretty unique things about where I am working now that present challenges for HR and Payroll.

Thanks for you help - links to sites I couldn’t find are very welcome as well.