Mermaid Video? What the heck?

Here is a video I ran across on The Animal Planet website. It shows two “marine biologists” and their deep water discovery of a mermaid.

What the hell? It’s obviously a form of entertainment rather than anything scientific but at no point is that indicated. This burns me up for so many reasons.

Has anyone else seen this?


Speculative fiction. it wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously. I remember they had several announcements to that effect.

The announcements came out after the first Mermaid show aired. Nothing ahead of time, and an incredibly short disclaimer that was on screen for less than a second at the end of the show.

Same as the Megalodon show they aired during Shark Week. Fiction presented as a documentary.

Yup. Very disappointing, coming from a channel that’s, in theory, dedicated to actual science. They’ve jumped the mermaid (and megalodon).

I see your Snopes and add a thread in GD.