Mermaids: Fishy Top or Fishy Bottom?

There was a really stupid episode of Night Gallery that had this in it – the mermaid of a man’s dreams changed from fishy bottom to fish top. She dove into the sea and swam away before anything happened, though
Lindeman’s Catch:

The episode on Hulu:

I just get this eerie premonition—probably from seeing too many Outer Limits episodes, as I never did see “Night Gallery”—of a scenario where the fishead-maid turns out to have a beautiful voice and a cultured, fascinating personality, and the conventional mermaid turns out to have a totally feral, subhuman mind and a blinding drive to kill with tooth and claw. :smack:

Televised science fiction has made me a very optimistic person.

Yes, but my revulsion at mating with the reverse-mermaid would be at least as bad as any revulsion at the physical aspect of mating with a normal mermaid.

With a fish top, I doubt I could avoid vomitting, let alone get it up. Imagine those big, glassy eyes darking around as the big, oily lips puff in and out. BBBLLLEE…

The only part of them you’ll have to touch will be the bottom half so why not have that part human? If you’re really that squeamish you could drap a sheet over their top half while they’re bent over.

I don’t want to be touching slimy scales when I’m getting my groove on.

Human top, and ask for oral. :wink:

Of course reciprocation would be a trifle difficult … :smiley:

This is why Innsmouth women have such a hard time finding dates…

I think the OP kind of shanked it with “never mind the mechanics”. The Slot B stuff is all-important - if it’s scaly, there’s no way I’m putting my junk in it.

On the other hand, I’m also not nailing anything with a fish for a head.

Win-win! :wink:

Quoth the late Nipsey Russell:

Left half fishy, right half woman.

And do her standing up, in a doorway.

Who cares really, I’m sure the bit that matters will smell like fish.

I voted human top, fish bottom, because I’d have trouble enduring a huge fish face looming over me (if we’re talking coitus here). I figure if the top half an attractive enough merman, I could focus on that and can imagine the bottom part is some sort of bizarre sex toy.

On the other hand, if we’re doing it doggy style and I don’t have to look, then I could probably deal with fish top, human bottom.

Neither. The fish/human division is down the middle.

I snerked at the “fishy bottom” thought, too.