Merry Christmas from Australia

I wish you all health and happiness in the new year ~ now bring on new years because this year cannot end soon enough for me.

Hear Hear and thank you from Texas


Merry Christmas from California!

Merry Christmas from Ottawa, Canada.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas from Birch Bay, Washington (just below the Canadian border).

Merry Christmas from Paris! It’s a beautiful, unseasonably warm night here in the city of lights.

Merry Christmas from the Nebraska Panhandle where there is a cold wind howling and snow is predicted.

but, oh boy, the days are now getting longer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry Christmas from Thailand, where we have the air-con cranked up.

Here’s a blurb on Santa’s elephant helpers delivering toys in Ayutthaya province yesterday (Monday), a couple hours north of Bangkok. It’s become an annual tradition. BBC TV showed film, but I can’t find any online. However, here’s a video from three years ago. It looks exactly the asame each year.

Merry Xmas from India.:slight_smile:

RJs are playing lovely Christmas songs on FM radio.:cool:

Wishing the OP and everyone else a delightful New Year.

Merry Christmas from Kansas! I’m just back from the late service at church.

It’s really cold out, but the wind hasn’t picked up like I heard it would.

Watcha baking today?

Here in Seattle we’re waiting for the promised white Christmas.
May yours be happy and safe!

BREAKING NEWS: Norad has tracked Santa over Thailand.

Southern Alberta (Canada) here.

A Merry Christmas to all Dopers around the world!

And another vote for “the days are now getting longer.”

You bring the beer and I’ll bring the cheer. From the wet-toes-in-the-sand Florida panhandle. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas from Las Vegas!
Las Vegas is fairly quiet in the week leading up to Christmas - people busy buying gifts and being with family - but the minute grandma’s Christmas gift check clears, people head here in droves. New Year’s Eve is always a huge event here - room prices skyrocket, nightclubs have big name celebrities and big time prices, and The Strip is chock full of party goers all night.

BTW, for anyone heading here for NYE, bring some warm clothes! Pretty damned nippy at night (mid-30’s).

And yes - quite happy to bid adieu to 2012 and hoping the 13 in 2013 brings luck! (I have always found the number 13 to be lucky for me…)

I’m baking James Beard’s recipe for challah bread. Three loaves worth is braided into a six pointed snowflake(or star) shape. I got the braiding manual from a Japanese student at the American Institute of Baking. I don’t read a word of Japanese, but the step by step pictures have the strands numbered, so you can follow along. I’m doing a six strand braid, but some have up to ten strands!

And wishes for a very merry Christmas and a happy new year from North Carolina.

sips hot toddy

I love this time of year!