hey hey, it's christmas day...

…and I’d like to wish all Dopers a very merry Christmas. May you all get exactly what you want, right up to the peace and goodwill to all mankind bit that you thought quietly in your head when you got the warm fuzzies watching Casablanca earlier.

May the weather put on a spectacular show for you, by making it a white christmas or, for my fellow southern hemispherians, a blazingly hot one.

May your table be plentiful, and may the talk around your table be harmonious and witty. May you remember those whom distance or death has removed with love and fondness, as well as sorrow.

May you be kind to one another, and may others be kind to you.

Merry Christmas.

We’ve got another 11 hours to go here, but I’ll send Merry Christmas wishes to you into tomorrow!

Curse you in the future! It’s not even 8 am Christmas Eve here.

:smiley: But Merry Christmas to you, too.

Bonne Fête et Nouvelle Année exceptionelle

Kiffa - Kinshasa

To be fair, it’s only just Christmas Day. Coming up to 2am. It wont really be the real deal until I (aged 20) go to bed, wake up and then, along with my brothers (aged 18 & nearly 16) wake up early, grab our santa sacks and wake mum and dad up…

doh! scartch one ‘wake up’ from that sentance

Merry Christmas over there in the land of the long white cloud, and every one else in this timezone.

And an early Merry Christmas to the rest of you, for when you catch up…lol!

So, that’s what they call it in New Zealand.


It’s official, It is Christmas in Iraq!!! Yea for me!

Merry Christmas to all! It’s only 3:20PM in Dallas, TX - but I heard the new guys saying this morning on TV that Santa was flying over New Zealand!

Peace to all, and here’s hoping Santa brings you the best gift of all: a healthy and happy 2004.

Christmas day in Sydney. 9:12am and about 90F. :smiley:

Hey, this thread got more responses than my “Happy Hannukah” thread! :mad: Affirmative action is in order.

[sub]Just kidding. Merry Christmas, ya’ll[/sub]

Scattered showers in Auckland, chilly, grey. Eh, that’s par for the course around here. :slight_smile:

Bugger, I’ve got to wait another six and a half hours, plus whatever amount of time I actually sleep!

I might just die of anticipation.

Merry Merry Christmas if I don’t get to see you folks tomorrow.

Happy Hannukah! …and Easter… and Valentines… and…


Dammit, Rudolph - not the cable dish again!

Merry Christmas from Dallas, Texas!

Merry X-mas from Brooklyn.

Went to the midnight mass at 10:00 pm EST and at precisely midnight I drove by the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree! It was so beautiful! And tomorrow I get to go to my brother’s girlfriend’s parent’s house and have a big Italian meal! Life is good.

Hope it’s the same for all of you and yours. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Leeds, Alabama to all my Doper buddies!

And to you Manx