Merry Christmas to Me!!!!

Hooray hooray hooray! I am now considerably less poor! An arbitration company has confirmed that my medical bills were reduced from 105 thousand to 74.5 thousand AND (and this is the important part) my insurance company has paid almost all of that. I now only owe 1400 dollars. Woohoo!

(Does the Snoopy happy dance. Since I am 6’ 240 lbs, I look quite silly - and I DON’T CARE. :slight_smile: )

Does Happy Dance with Khadaji!

And I felt joyous to have my insurance company remove a $15.00 error!

Congrats to you!

Merry Christmas, Khadaji (happy holidays?) !

Congrats! I had the same happen with my hospital bills for 2004 and 2005. My amounts weren’t as high as yours, but they paid all my bills and cut me a check!

I feel your joy! Feels great to have that sort of load off after a long illness.

PS, I would like new, blue floor mats for my car for Christmas, ok?

Wow! That’s great news! It must be a real load lifted off your shoulders.

Who cares if you look silly, dance away!

Alas. :frowning: I called the hospital to verify and she told me that indeed, the 74 grand was paid - but there are *OTHER *outstanding bills, to the tune of 24 grand. :frowning:

I was not rude, but very firm when I told her that it was time that they told me *exactly *how much I owe. It has been 6 months. I can’t keep fighting to get this paid and then go back and say, hey thanks for that, but I need you to look at this *other *one now…

Oh well, I am *still *better off than I was yesterday! :slight_smile:

I’m still fighting one bill for about 275.00 from over a year ago. Be prepared for a ton of time on the telephone. My best guess is over 100 hours on the phone between the insurance company, hospitals, doctors offices and labs.

Keep the faith and keep calling. If I was rich I could have written checks for about 3,000.00 and not had to make any phone calls. My goal for 2005 was to have all my medical bills resolved. I’m down to only two.

I think one is taken care of, but you never know until it’s really paid. One bill was “definitely being paid” for the last 4 months. In January I’ll get a statement and it will either be magically paid, or I’ll have to make more phone calls.

I’m glad you are doing better, that’s most important.