MerrySquirrels is now Pucette

For that small group of you who actually know I exist, I’ve changed my user name…

<bows> Thank you, thank you…

MerrySquirrels? Pucette? Who’s she?


Aha ha ha ha :slight_smile:

Good morning, Maeg!

Your new name offends me! This is an outrage! Some may forgive this transgression, but history will never forget!

AAAHH!! <eyes widen>

Well, who needs to worry about history when they’ve just found out they are Athena in bed? :slight_smile:

(and in case you are wondering, it means “little flea” in French)

I am offended by parenthetical statements!! I won’t stand for any more of this!

[sub]Sometimes I’m offended by my own socks.[/sub]

Offensive Socks. Now that’s an interesting concept. Maybe even has Band Name potential…

And I won’t apologize for the paranthetical, because it would seem natural that you would find apologies offensive…


Pucette, MerrySquirrels, welcome back(?) :slight_smile:

I like both names, actually, but may I ask why you want to be known as “little flea”? (It sounds much better in French, though! :D)

Thanks, StephenG!

And thanks for asking - “Ma puce” (=my flea) is one of those expressions French people use, along the lines of “My honey,” or “sweetie-pie.” The added “-ette” is a French diminutive, and voila, you have little flea! Most of this is lost in English, I know, but I still thought it was cute… :slight_smile:

Uh… I find it kind of disturbing that people use the name oof a small, bloodsucking insect as a word to show affection.

And when I see “pucette”, I think “puke-ette”. Heh, sorry.

Hey that’s ok… It was a risk I took :slight_smile:

And it works both ways - French people find it silly that people can be sweet pies, sometimes of the pumpkin variety…