Message Board Has a Quirk, Me Thinketh!

My mouse arrow disappears when placed over any active field when submitting a question or response. It’s kind of annoying. I am trying to point with the mouse to place the cursor where I want it, and then I’m driving blind! Also, when looking at Cecil’s “Today’s Quesions”, the mouse arrow will disappear when moved over the text.

Is this a new bug, or I’ve just never noticed? It’s so annoying, I doubt I never noticed. OK, now everybody sing: “What have they done to our Boards, ma? What have they done to our Boards?”

  • Jinx

Correction! When the mouse arrow is placed over any text, the mouse arrow disappears! It makes it very hard to put a word in italics, for example! I can’t see what word I’m selecting! How annoying! :mad:

Oh, Magoo, you’ve done it again ole boy! That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into, Stanley! - Jinx

What’s supposed to happen is that the mouse arrow turns into the “insert text” symbol, which looks like a little I-beam. Not having heard any other complaints, I venture to say this is local to your computer. Do you notice this with other programs? Have you tried re-booting?

That’s what I get. Uhh, yeah, just so you know.

Please stand by. The trouble is not in your [TV] set…it’s in your head!
It seems to have fixed itself. It just seemed to be happening here! Hmm…
Should I be taking it personally?


  • Jinx