Message from Yahoo Admin ... what does it mean?!?

I received this message today from (I have my main email account with them). It read as such:

Symantec AVF detected that you sent a message with a prohibited attachment name.
Subject of the message: Error
Recipient of the message: (1) Exchange Archive (2) Person’s name
Prohibited attachment: body.scr

Now, I am not one to send porn/viruses/spam etc. and the person’s name mentioned is NOT someone I know or have in my mail box. Does anyone know what this is all about. I’m worried the FBI are gonna show up on my doorstep and cart me off for internet something-or-othering … PLEASE HELP!! :eek:

Body.scr is a virus, W32/Mydoom@MM more than likely. Head on over to Trend Micro, where you can get a free online scan. It may not actually be you trying to send it (spoofing and whatnot), but if you are not running AV locally, an online checkup can’t hurt.

P.S. The response was more than likely automated, so don’t sweat it.

You’re sleepinfecting. Take strong drugs before bed.

Just kidding.

The new virii going around propegate by taking an address from an address book or a cache for the sender and another for the recipient - so emails spreading the virus will go out from an infected computer looking like it’s from some other person. If it’s intercepted, the virus scanner at the recieving end will send a message to the sender saying “You’re infected.” Only it won’t go to the sender - it will go to the address the virus picked, which in this case was you.

In a nutshell. I’m glossing over stuff.

Go here and scan your computer, just to be safe.

Thank you for your very thorough and insightful response!

Thank you for your very thorough and insightful response!