Got this........[spam message]

…You have just been sent a personal message by JoannyDavis on Path Partners Forum.

IMPORTANT: Remember, this is just a notification. Please do not reply to this email.

The message they sent you was:

Your computer was noticed in email spam. It is quite possible that it is a part of botnet (Botnet - Wikipedia). Strongly recommend you to scan your computer for malware. You can do it online, for example, at:

http: // virus-

Please, follow this. Otherwise I have to send abuse mail to your ISP with all the ensuing consequences.
Thank you, Joan Davis.

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Wolkenlaufer is my toon’s name on WoW. What am I to do with this, y’all?



Usually e-mails/messages like that are an attempt to get people to go to a malicious web site. I would advise against following any of the included links and simply ignore the message.

Can you think of any reason that a legitimate PC virus scanner website would be hosted on a server in India?

Neither can I.

You may or may not have something nasty right now, but if you go to that link, you almost certainly will.

Oh, and I’m reporting the post for a moderator to disable the shady-looking link.

Sorry. Missed the India part. Yes, please delete and my apologies!


However, they have picked up your toon’s name. Time to do a virus scan with a reputable scanner. You should also notify Blizzard, just in case.

Ugh, don’t notify Blizzard, they aren’t interested. That’s what we called DWFs – Dipshit With Firewall. “This IP scanned my computar! Call the FBI, I found a haxxor!”

You’re probably on the WOW forums and they saw your email on there, or something similar. Either way, Blizzard isn’t going to do anything, and you can rest assured thathundred or thousands of DWFs have already emailed them.

Delete the email, move on. You should have some sort of spyware finder installed, and a virus scanner. If you don’t, you’re taking a risk, obviously.

Umm… no. They’ve matched his email address with his toon. That’s rather more than scanning a firewall.

Thanks, I HAVE an anti-virus program, (AVG 9.0, purchased early March 2009), but it’s not letting me update, and so far AVG has been no help. They told me to download 9.0 again, but I am still unable to update.



I’m sorry: mis-informed y’all. Toon’s name is Wolkenlaufre (due to a spelling error on my part). E-mail is WolkenlaufER.



This is much the same as having no anti-virus software.

Thanks, I’m working on that now. Will Windows Defender protect me?

Quasi, regardless of if they spelled it wrong, they still have something that’s very close to your WoW toon name, though they could have lifted it off of here, from one of your posts in the WoW thread, too.

What you probably should do is order an authenticator from Blizzard. It’s $7.00, but it makes your WoW account about 100x safer from being hacked than it is without it. I don’t know how wealthy EOAFeebs is but the authenticator will also help protect your guild vault from being emptied by a hacker, but only if everyone with access to the vault has an authenticator and everyone in the guild who doesn’t have an authenticator doesn’t have access.

Other people will have suggestions for your computer itself, I’m sure (though a malware/spyware detector is a good idea).

I second the Authenticator suggestion.

Also, I would go to and login, then change your account id (which is your email address) to another, more secure email address. As it is, someone has been able to connect your character name with your ID, and this makes you a potential target.

Finally, Microsoft Security Essentials is a wonderful, free antivirus and antispyware tool available for free to all users with a validated copy of Microsoft Windows. If you’re using antivirus, I recommend that you use this one. Windows Defender is not sufficient on its own. Go to and search there for Microsoft Security Essentials.

I’m not sure it has to do with WoW, since his E-mail address uses that name too. It sounds like they’re just trying to trick you into going to a shady website.

Authenticator for WoW is always a good thing, though. :slight_smile:

Can you think of any reason that the virus scanner website mentioned by the OP is hosted in India?

Note that domain names have nothing to do with where the server is located. It is often an indication of where the name itself was registered, but the website could be hosted just about anywhere.

In the case of, IP geolocation tools put the server in Beijing.

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I would strongly suggest not doing this if you suspect your PC has been compromised. Keyloggers are WoW account thieves’ favorite toys.

It’s good advice, but use a different PC.

If your AVG won’t update, that sets off a huge red flag for me. It suggests that you may already be infected. This is something that most viruses will do. Can you run a full scan of AVG? Can you open your control panel or task manager?

Might be time to do the security tango.

Yes, to both your questions. That tango thing’s a little scary-looking, anson2995. Maybe I’d better get back in touch with AVG…



OK, registered in India. It still doesn’t change the point, that a legitimate scanner site wouldn’t have a .in address.