Message to no one in particular

Cainxinth got some tonight for the first time in a loooong time. Hallelujah, thank you Jebus, and praise be woman-kind. That is all.

Congrats?! :slight_smile:

This is worth starting a thread to discuss?

Well, it is clearly a momentus day (night?) in cainxith’s life!!

some what?

Ice cream?

And who’s this Jebus guy? Was it a threesome? Now that would be worth talking about.

Did you get a receipt?

You go, cainxinth!!

Come again?

From the context, I would say that “Jebus” provided cainxinth with whatever it was he got tonight or (possibly) was what cainxinth got tonight. From the following phrase (“praise be woman-kind”) I would assume the former, which would make Jebus either a pimp or a friend who introduced them, depending on the nature of their relationship.

It was mundane, pointless, and I absolutely felt compelled to share it. I think I met the criteria. Anyway, I was a hair drunk, and more than slightly elated when I posted it, now I’m a little embarrassed. :o

A perfectly appropriate thread for MPSIMS. Sometimes you just have to let the world know what’s happening between the sheets. Or on the kitchen table. Or in front of the fireplace. Or in the walk-in closet. Or out on the golf course late at night.

Make love, not war.

IMHO, this may be the ONLY thing worth starting a thread to discuss.

Hey, it fits the criteria. No problemo. Peace out.

Now --> I <-- need a cigarette!

Ok, it must be getting close to my turn then.

I dreamed I got some. Does that count?

It was a vivid dream. Does it count then?
No? Dang.

Triplers Law. <-------- :mad:
:: sigh ::

Hey!! Where’d you get “Jebus” from???!!! Long ago, myself and several others would refer to “Jebus” on another message board.