Message too short error - why?

Yesterday I posted a response to a thread and today somebody started another thread on what I had posted. I went to the post I made yesterday and copied it. I paste it in the new thread and hit preview and I get the following message;

However, here is what I pasted as a reply:

That was fine as an original post, why is it a problem as a copy & paste post? Is there a new setting that requires something be written after a quote?

The software requires you to type an actual message, outside of any quote tags.

I don’t why, it seems rather stupid.

Text in a quote box doesn’t count towards the minimum. You have to have something outside the quote.

Was this always the case? I admit that copying a quote isn’t something that I do alot, maybe I never noticed it before.

You mean I can type a 10,000 word essay in quotes and get away with it? :smiley:

For those who wish to delve deeper there’s a discussion on this over at the Vbulletin Forum .

Nope. I just tried to do that, and I got the following message when I tried to preview:

Dude, that is messed up. Too long and too short?

Too many characters altogether, but they were all inside quote tags, triggering the ‘too short’ message. Not quite what the wording means, but that’s software for you: Garbage In, Garbage Out.