Meta/Stasis - Breaking Bad, Colombian style

I ran across the most bizarre thing on Netflix last night - a Colombian TV show named *Metastasis *(or Meta/Stasis, or Metástasis, depending on where you look).

It’s a remake of Breaking Bad. Not just a same-idea, but shot-for-shot, name-for-name, plot point for etc.

I watched the first five minutes of the first episode and it’s shot-for-shot the sequence with Walter driving the RV (old schoolbus in this version) wildly down desert roads, crashing, babbling his last will into a recorder, and then drawing down on the oncoming sirens. Cut to identical title sequence with a kinda nice flamenco-guitar version of the BB theme.

We skimmed through the episode descriptions, and it looks like they continue this point-for-point story line all the way through.

In Colombia. Hay-zeus!

Barbarian Jr is watching BB as we watch it through again. I have the evil idea of finding and cuing up the matching Metastasis episode, after the Spanish studio credits, and just watching his reaction as he WTFs all over the ceiling.

So weird to see this after all the Brit shows that were remade in the US, and then the strange case of The Bridge, made in at least three versions virtually back to back.

Walter Blanco. His son Walter Blanco Jr. His wife Cielo. And his faithful sidekick Jose. It just cracks me up… or maybe I methed the point…

FYI, this blog post from the Hollywood Reporter shows matching screenshots from Breaking Bad and Metastasis.