Suffering "Breaking Bad" withdrawal? Walter Blanco is here to serve! (with video clip)

And serve he shall!

¡Soy yo quien toca la puerta!

¡Necessito llame a Saul! I bet that’s wrong.

¡Sí, perra! Imanes!

I bet that’s even wrongerer.

You would want to conjugate ‘llamar’ in the infinitive, but you have the right idea.* ¡Es major que llames a Saul!* might be a better translation, but unfortunately I don’t have a native speaker to bounce it off of right now (I usually do).

I was going for “I need to call Saul” because I thought I could get close to that. You’re right that his actual slogan is in the infinitive, but I can’t remember nearly enough Spanish to attempt it.

This would be a lot more fun in Klingon.

Qapla’, bitch! It is a good day to cook!