Metahumor: Good Name for a Rock Band

OK, I was waiting for quitting time to roll around, catching up on Dave Barry’s columns, and the idea sprung into my head: “What if someone compiled all of the phrases that Dave Barry has said would be a good name for a rock band?” (Which, BTW, is not a good name for a rock band.)

So I did what any self respecting websurfing monkey would do: A Google search.

Some amusing observations:[ul][li] The top result has nothing to do with Dave Barry.[/li][li] Dave Barry’s name doesn’t even appear until the sixth result, a seemingly random one of his articles.[/li][li] The phrase that Dave thinks would be a good name for a rock band is paint peeling puffs of flatulence.[/li][li] About half of the results are people honestly looking for names for their rock band.[/li][*] Rock musicians should read more Dave Barry. (OK, so that’s a conclusion, not an observation. Sue me.)[/ul]What other keen observations did you make following that link? What cool rock band names did you find there? And most importantly, do you know of any compiled lists of Dave Barry’s rock band names?