Metal covers for ddr3 bare mem sticks

Is there a parts supplier of those snap-on metal shields which, such as Crucial, usually have an imprint and logo on them, which are generic and could be gotten for bare ddr3 mem sticks (which I got as a bargain)? The stick is new but bare and works fine.

But handling may become an issue. The metal shield seems to be just a saddle over the top edge of the stick in two parts which appear to be latched together.

Thanks for past assistance on other things.

My experience with those is that they’re called “heat spreaders” and are effectively heat sinks. If memory is used at conservative speeds and voltages, I don’t think they’re helpful, but become necessary if the system (particularly memory frequency/access latency and voltage) is overclocked.

If you’re not overclocking, you’re probably OK.

Before I googled, I assumed that Newegg would have them, and they didn’t dissapoint.

I had to remove the heat spreader from one of my sticks so it would clear my CPU heatsink.
That machine was worked fine for 5 years that way.

Google “memory heat spreader”. Saw one on Amazon for $6.

Are you having an issue with memory overheating? You don’t need them to handle memory, they’re heat sinks. As long as you take usual precautions (ground yourself, turn off the PC, store in anti-static bag) you’re fine to handle a “bare” RAM stick.