Metal Gear Solid 2

According to one of the news updates on Gaming Intelligence

Hideo Kojima has announced that the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 2, the 4th in the Metal Gear series–will be the -final- installment. The plan is to wrap up the plot and end it forever.

Personally–I think if anyone could wrap it up completely and do it successfully, Kojima probably could. But it also makes one wonder how some of the newer, more devoted fans to Metal Gear will take it. :slight_smile:
Anyone out there feel like Kojima is making a mistake?


Well, with the exception of Barry Sanders, I’d say it’s never a bad idea to go out on top. Taking a look at Zone of Enders, Kojima’s newest game, it’s not as if he’s hurting for ideas and so if he thinks it’s time to wrap up MGS and, presumably, move onto projects that interest him more, his excitement should carry over into the game and making it great. Basically, it comes down to raking in the Benjamins (or whomever is on the really big Japanese bills), or stagnating creatively, and with that in mind, I think Kojima’s making the right decision. Just my $0.02.