Snake? SNAAAAKE!!!!!

Spoilers ahoy, people. Towards the end of Metal Gear Solid2, everyone has converged on top of a giant war machine called Arsenal Gear. Revolver Ocelot steals a metal gear and buggers off, with solid snake in hot pursuit. This leaves hate-boy Raiden to fight it out with Solidus alone. Cut to a shot of arsenal gear floating up the hudson river. Then cut to… Arsenal Gear, having obviously crashed into a building in the middle of Manhatten. Raiden and Solidus proceed to duke it out on the crashed craft. Now, its obvious that post 9/11, the games creators took the decision to edit the footage of a large craft ploughing into the new york skyline. They can be forgiven for that. ANd seeing how they were on a tight deadline (game released early 2002), i can forgive them for not having time to come up with a new ending. But i was wondering whatever happened to the deleted footage? Basically they just cut it out, along with a huge amount more. Its never made clear what happens to Ocelot after he steals Metal Gear, and Snake just shows up at the end, leaving us none the wiser as to how he got on after he dove after the flleing Ocelot. All in all, a let down to be duped after a good twelve hours of play. Does anyone know where the missing footage went, or can they fill me in on the story we missed?




Stop badgering him.
Okay, okay. I think Ocelot managed to escape with Ray, because Snake surely would have mentioned it if he’d destroyed the last known Metal Gear (aside from Arsenal, but nobody’s going to miss that thing now). Besides, surely he has to be there when they get around to what was being talked about at the end of MGS2 (and 3!).

sorry, nothing else to add.

I just want to say…

“HAVE AT YOU, SNAKE!” :slight_smile:

Link, for the clueless as to where this hijack was coming from. Sit through four choruses for the point.

And for the clueful, and soccer fans, an updated version.

England and lasers and gold, oh my!

Snake Plissken? I heard you were dead.