Metal Gear Solid and escape from New York and L.A.

Am I crazy or are the movies Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. related to the Metal Gear Solid video games. I cant be sure but I think the main characters are both called Snake Pliskin. If they are related I am guessing the movies take place after the time frame you play in the video games.
Does anyone know¿

The video game character is named Solid Snake. He has two eyes. There’s no relation that I know of.

Solid Snake introduces himself as “Plisken” (no “Snake”) to Raiden in Sons of Liberty.

The Metal Gear games and the Escape from… movies are not directly connected. Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear series, simply borrowed something from the movie. In this case, it would be the codename “Plisken” for a character known as “Snake”. Just like at the end of Metal Gear Solid Snake reveals his name (David) to a person called Hal. Think 2001.

I believe Solid Snake was named Snake Pliskin as a tribute to Escape From New York. I vaguely recall reading that tidbit in an interview with Hideo Kojima.

Yeah. Too bad the game coldn’t actually be played, just watched for hours on end.