No, forgers - not the material.

Any subgenre for discussion will do - definitely no shortage of them. The last couple bands I drummed in were more grind-oriented, so that’s where I’m coming from…also liking the technical deathmetal, which occasionally (but not too often) surfaced in our stuff. Recently got in an argument where I maintained that Heavy Metal peaked in prominence/airplay/listeners by about '87/'88.
To get a better idea of where I’m coming from, here’s a list of guitarists I dig (so yeah if you want to throw a list in, whatevs) (oh-oh, did I just say a trendy buzzword?)

Bill Steer
Scott Hull (a hero)
Jack Owen
Zack Joe
Karl Sanders
Steve Goldberg
Chuck Schuldiner
Josh Elmore
Eric Rutan
Jon Levassuer
Trey Azagzoth
Danny Tunker
Moyses Kolesne
Terrance Hobbs
Paul Ryan (lol no not that Paul Ryan)
Robert Vigna
Muhammed Suicmez

*not a nu-metal fan