Meth Lab?

I have lived in my house since January and it usually smells really bad like rotten eggs or sewerage (yet there is nothing spewing up into my basement.) On several occasions I have smelled something that smells like super glue when my neighbor is doing his ‘business’ activities. Today it was so bad- it permeated my first floor of my home- I got nauseated, dizzy and could feel my nerves shaking. My son even started feeling nauseous (he is home schooled) and when my other son came home from grade school he said to me "Mom what’s that bad smell?’ I aired my house out so by the time the cops & everyone got here they didn’t find anything (supposedly.) And they claimed my neighbor wasn’t home & yet the exhaust vent from his house was operating. This guy knows all the cops & has connections. This guy has half the alleyway blocked off with a fence. He has a dog that wiill bite (I know bc it attacked my Mom before.) The windows are black, there is stuff outside that is chemically suspicious in its appearance, he burns stuff & puts trash into the other neighbor business’ dumpster & he cockily pulled out & after I yelled a few measly obscenities he said “you wanna say something else” & that is when I saw an officer I am familiar with appear next to him. This guy acts like he owns the whole town. He is extraordinarily suspicious as he & his gf go outside to smoke. So my question is how do I go about having him investigated without it coming back to the local police? I don’t know where to turn & I need good advice on what to do.

I don’t think there’s anything you CAN do without them first contacting the local police. You could try calling the sheriff’s department and see if that gets you any headway. Beyond that, the next step would be dropping a dime to the local branch of the FBI or DEA.


I second calling the local FBI field office and explaining the situation to them.

If that doesn’t work, you can always try the media. Maybe you can get a local TV station out to do a news piece on “Why won’t the cops won’t shut down a meth lab in this local neighborhood?”

That would be really embarrassing if it was wrong.

Well, that’s the TV station’s problem then, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Actually, my thinking was that an ‘investigative reporter’ works under a different set of rules than law enforcement, and with a different motivation. If one can’t or won’t do the job, the other might.

If you really suspect that he’s got an in with the locals, your only option will be to go federal. DEA or FBI. Just present your information calmly and rationally and don’t come off as some conspiracy nutjob accusing the local LEOs of being corrupt.

I know that. Funniest thing is there are a lot of ppl when asked about this guy that mention they believe he could have a meth lab too. Or when I mentioned it to someone I know I can trust, she agreed she wouldn’t doubt it.
I do have a plan now on exactly what to do if this occurs again & I will get the media involved, even if he is just an idiot who has poor ventilation in his building…

Maybe he’s just a baker providing goods for local law enforcement? And he’s… just not very good. So his cakes smell like glue and make you dizzy and want to pass out? And he blacks out his windows to keep his trade secrets to himself. And… the chemical supplies you see are just baking supplies from a foreign country where they come packaged in chemical containers. And he uses the neighbor’s garbage bin because his own got too full of old baking garbage.

See, it all makes so much sense.

How is the smell traveling from his house to yours? Are they attached? It seems unlikely that your next door neighbor can cause the inside of your house to smell like sewer for 10 months.

The sewer smell is probably sewer gas. If your sewer vent is obstructed you’ll get that kind of smell. Call a plumber.

If you are renting, move first, then call the feds. If you own the house, find a place you can stay for a while, make sure your homeowner’s insurance has full coverage, and talk to a lawyer. This kind of thing really sucks.

Don’t be so sure.
It was just on the local Las Vegas news the other day about a woman who had complained of “sewer gas” smell in her house for months, and the police just now discovered the meth lab two houses away that had been active for many, many months.