Weed Smokin' neighbors - course of action?

We recently got new neighbors in our small Chicago apartment building (there are five apartments in this building), and they’re clearly smoking weed 24/7; the entire stairwell has basically been turned into a three-story bong, and it’s really bad when you pass their door.

I’m a live-and-let-live type of guy, especially when it comes to victimless drugs, but it stinks, and they’re just being so audacious about it and making no attempt to hide it that I feel like I want to do something about it. What would you do?

I was thinking that I’d start with slipping them an anonymous note (“dude, SERIOUSLY. Crack a window or something if you’re going to smoke up.”), then I’d try the landlord and progress to the cops. The main thing is that I really, really don’t want to be identified in any way as the guy calling attention to the problem - there’s nothing, and I mean nothing worse than neighbor disputes, especially when you’re in the same building and have to literally pass each other in the halls and stuff. And I can totally see the cops just going, “Well, your neighbor up in #305 there seems to think that he smells something…” :mad:

What would you do?

If they have that attitude when they first move in, it will only get worse.

(advance apology for awful puns) Nip it in the bud. Narc on 'em.

My police department will do security inspections for free. They drop by during the day and give you a list of things you might want to do to keep from getting burglarized.

You also might say that the reason you are having the inspection is because of these neighbors. “Smell that?” If it’s as bad as you say , they’ll take it from there.

Any “innocent” reason why you can get the landlord in the building without making it obvious as to the real reason?

After all, if you innocently call and ask your landlord to come over to take a look at your sink or toilet or something (hell, break the flush rod inside the toilet or bend the float bar or something) and he just happens to smell things and do something about it, then you really didn’t do anything to cause anything, did you? :wink:

The only safe way to do it anonymously is if you comminity has a “tip line” and I don’t know if a tip about pot smoking would get investigated, or not. I wouldn’t use any notes under the door, or the landlord, or even call the cops directly, because I think any of those would lead to you.

If they’re smoking weed 24/7, how are they paying the rent?

I sympathize with your plight. I live in an apartment. Someone in my building smokes in the elevator (normal cigarettes, not weed), and the elevator reeks horribly after this person has used it. I have a fantasy about rigging up the elevator with a sprinkler system, with the water chilled down to about 35[sup]o[/sup]F, and activated when the tiniest whiff of smoke is detected.

I’m moving soon, so my problem will go away. As for you, I say rat 'em out. If these guys are heavy users, they might have trouble paying their dealer. And that sort of company you most definitely don’t want.

***Dont call the cops!! *** I don’t know where you are from but the cops around here will beat, taze, etc. people with very little reason. Just ask them to burn some incense or something… It’s just pot, people. Think of it as smelly alcohol; they’re not hurting anybody.

Wow. So uh- while I am well aware of how hilariously accurately I am portraying the stereotype of my hometown- y’all need to chill the fuck out.

I’d just go knock on the door and say, “Hey, I have asthma/I have a baby/whatever… could you maybe crack a window or put a towel under the door or something; you guys are really stinking up the hallway.” Or go the “look dudes, a few of the people on this floor have a real stick up their ass about weed, you might want to tone it down a bit.”

I’m trying to figure out why the google ad is for “Undo circumcision damage” unless your neighbors have gotten really careless with their weed smoking.

Wouldn’t opening a window still stink up the place?

FWIW, if you’ve never smelled Nag Champra, which seems to be the pot smokers incense of choice, you may want to rethink your aversion to the smell of marijuana. It isn’t as bad as patchouli, but it’s up there.

Another west coaster wondering what the big deal is. Narc to the cops? On people just smoking weed in their apartment? That’s totally fascist. Getting someone tossed in jail because you don’t like the smell is a bit much.
(of course I think anti-dope laws are idiotic. If you think weed use is an offense worth prison time, well. . . then I guess . . .yeah)

Fer chrissakes don’t call the cops. If you must make a point with the neighbors, leave a can of air freshener or some incense in the hallway. I’d seriously consider cutting off my right pinky finger if my only problem with my neighbors could be that I smelled their pot. I’ll trade ya?

Are there Cops in major metropolitan areas that would even bother with a “Neighbors smell weed” problem?

In my city Cops would probably laugh at such a call.
Unless these people look like thugs or gang members I would just go ask them myself if they wouldn’t mind cracking a window or towel under the door. They’re probably not even aware of their offenses.

Do exactly what you said, leave an anonymous not in an envelope taped to their door. I seriously bet that does the trick. Nobody wants THAT kinda attention.

If VCO3’s workplace does drug tests, he’s right to be concerned.

But this is something for the landlord to deal with, not VCO3. He should call the landlord and let him deal with it.

Concerned that he works for privacy-invading big-brother authoritarian types, perhaps, but aside from that, no cause for concern.

Among other organizations, hospitals will at least do initial drug testing during the hiring process for patient safety reasons.

I personally don’t think the pot smoking is worth jail time, but that stench may well be. :stuck_out_tongue: IMO the OP should already have done the anonymous note or the “friendly neighbor warning you about the other squares/my respiratory problems/whatever” method without even thinking about it.

Just leave a note to open a window and buy some incents and air freshener. Make sure you include in the note that the smell of their recreation is filtering into the hallways and other apartments.

As diggleblop stated I am sure they don’t want the attention, include that fact in the note.

I have hung out with a few dudes who would love the answer to this one…

Wow…I LOVE Nag Champa…and Patchouli…and the smell of KGB (Kind Green Bud). To each his/her own i guess.

I agree with the bulk of the posters…peaceful confrontation. I am pretty sure they are not aware of the extent of the odor and would be happy to fly as “under the radar” as possible.