Mets vs Yankees and 9/11 discussion

Watching the Mets/Yankees game and the obligatory discussion about 9/11 and the almost 3000 US civilians killed on that day and “Never Forget.” Well how the hell can anyone forget? But why is this a topic for discussion during a baseball game, sports should be a diversion from the real world. About 7000 US soldiers died in post 9/11 US operations, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians (think about that, hundreds of thousands of innocent people, with families, people just like you and me), in a war based on lies. When will we have a Never Forget day to talk about that?

ETA - I feel I must add that this is in no way meant to be disrespectable to those who lost husbands or wives or friends or family on that day

You should probably join the thread in the Pit about these 9/11 memorials.